S6 E10 Breaking Up the Band

08/27/15 | TV-PG | CC

Inspector Jarvis announces that every police division in the city is being restructured in the wake of the corruption scandal. There will be many promotions, transfers and new platoon assignments.

Andy is having trouble dealing with the Marlo-Sam-baby dynamic that has taken over their lives. She drowns her sorrows at the Penny. She vents to Juliet, who offers her an opportunity to work an undercover operation in Vancouver for five months. It may be just what she needs while the dust settles on her home situation.

Andy lets Sam know that he’s having the life that she wanted with him with somebody else. She mentions the undercover assignment. Sam believes she’s running away. He takes out his frustrations on a vending machine. Oliver tries to comfort him. Sadly, his pep talk has no real point.

Gail’s father wants her to lie at her brother’s hearing. He knows Steve won’t last long in prison as a former Guns & Gangs detective. The hits just keep on coming for Gail when she realizes that she missed an appointment regarding her adoption proceedings. She begs for a chance to prove that she’d be a good mom. She just needs to get through the day.

Andy and Dov come across a seemingly intoxicated woman backstage at a music festival. Medics are called as the girl’s worried boyfriend, Bryce, watches helplessly. A short time later, Andy meets the music festival promotor, Peyton, who helps another zoned-out young woman to the medical tent. The first disoriented woman has a combination of Ecstasy and Ruffies in her system. Both young ladies had VIP passes.

The coincidence of the VIP passes leads Sam to the two feuding brothers who serve as a top music act at the festival. The rock stars claim they became clean and sober after an incident with some underage girls two years ago. Unfortunately, the drugs Sam found in their tour bus contradict this story.

The brothers claim a security guard named Rusty may have set them up. Chloe finds Peyton to get the guard’s address. At the station, Duncan helps Traci realize that a man in Peyton’s position has access to all tour buses. The promoter’s sister was one of the underage girls involved in the incident with the rock brothers.

Back at the festival, Dov must break the news to Bryce that his girlfriend has passed away. He then calls Chloe, who questions Peyton about his sister. The promotor knows that his revenge plan has been uncovered. Chloe places him under arrest. Then she sees smoke filling the trailer they are in. A vengeful Bryce has ignited a fire and trapped them inside.

Flames engulf the entrance of the trailer. The door is jammed. There’s no way out. However, there is a way in. Dov rushes through the flames in order to kick down the door. He finds Chloe unconscious inside. Chris uses an extinguisher to put out the flames. After a few tense moments, Dov is able to revive Chloe.

After Juliet testifies, Gail is called into the courtroom to tell her story. She mentions how she asked Steve to be the godfather of the child she’s adopting the day of the bombing. However, Gail struggles to answer the question of whether or not she was with her brother when the blast occurred. Her father orders her to answer. Then Steve stands up. He can’t put his sister through this anymore. He asks to speak with the judge. Steve agrees to a plea deal. This is of no comfort to Gail’s father.

Gail comes clean to the social worker about her dilemma in court. She doesn’t know if she would have lied or not if her brother hadn’t stepped up like he did. Gail asks about the other people interested in adopting Sophie. It’s a good family. In fact, they sound perfect. Elsewhere, Nick pulls over the limo that’s taking Juliet to the airport. He tells her how he feels. He offers to meet up with her later, but not before giving her a passionate kiss.

At the end of a long day, Marlo lets Andy know that she’s going to start building her own life. Her sister is coming into town to help. As for Andy, she returns home to continue a yelling session with Sam. Things eventually settle down.

Andy admits that she feels guilty for imposing on Sam and his family. Sam assures her that “she” is his family. He loves his baby. This much is true. He loves her so much that he wants to have more babies with Andy. They agree to stay together. They also have a new addition to their family. It’s a puppy named Boo Radley. There’s no way Andy can ever leave now.

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