S6 E09 Ninety Degrees

08/20/15 | TV-PG | CC

Dov and Chloe are assigned to cover the reception area of 15, as it’s being opened up as a cooling area for locals. A man, Tom, is worried about his girlfriend. Actually, the woman is his acquaintance-only neighbor. It’s clear Tom has a crush on her. The events of the day lead to a blowup by Dov regarding how he feels about Chloe. The shouting ends thanks to an asthma attack that’s quickly followed by a passionate kiss.

Oliver returns to work, but not in his role as staff sergeant. He’s back in blue as a cop on the streets. He partners with Chris. Too bad there are no real problems to quench his thirst for action. He does get to deliver water back to the station for all those overheated citizens to enjoy. At least that’s something. Inspector Jarvis knows Oliver has changed, so he’s willing to add him back to list of staff sergeant candidates at any time.

After the fallout with the Steve Peck situation, Gail’s relationship with Traci is strained. She also has issues with Frank Anderson, the female detective who worked the gang shooting in “Integrity Test” with Steve. This tough cop has been assigned to 15 while Traci is out on leave. Anderson is ticked because every case she ever worked with Steve is now being questioned. She reveals to Gail that her brother even wanted to set the two of them up at one time. Later, Traci shares some wine with Gail. Their healing has begun.

Marlo is a few weeks away from having her baby. Her story of how she’s feeling about things during a therapy session is interrupted first by a fellow group member and then by a stabbing. The victim is schizophrenic resident named Alan Douglas. One of the witnesses is former street police contact Sadie.

Andy joins Marlo on a search for Sylvia, a woman who may be a threat to her husband based on how she was acting during group therapy. The missing lady has a bipolar disorder. Her husband, Andrew, is living with a pregnant girlfriend. After a chat with the two of them, Marlo realizes that Sylvia is likely planning to kill herself.

Sylvia is found at her apartment. She has a knife. Marlo tries to talk to her, but doubles over in pain. She’s going into labor. Sylvia locks herself in another room. Medics are on the way. They won’t be there in time though. Andy kicks down the bathroom door. She lets Sylvia know that she’s free to kill herself if she wants but she’s not to do anything until after the baby is born.

A resident named Johnny Mack has a seizure during the questioning session at the mental health facility. He had drugs in his system. Jasmine, the woman who runs the psych facility, says she was with him all day. Sam realizes that Sadie is involved. She shows up at the facility every two weeks on the day the disability checks arrive. Sadie was selling drugs and she fingers the supposed killer to help with her situation.

Sam’s questioning of Sadie is interrupted by a call from Andy. His baby is coming. Andy has no choice but to do the delivery. She needs Sylvia’s help when the baby arrives. Marlo ends up unconscious. Andy manages to revive her. Sylvia hands Marlo her new baby girl. Moments later, Sam arrives. He’s overjoyed. Everyone is okay. Later, Andy gazes in at this new family through the glass of a hospital room window. The look on her face suggests that she may feel like an outsider.

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