S2 E02 Might Have Been

06/29/11 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: Drug deals are going down at a popular nightclub owned by an ex-cop. Officers McNally and Peck go undercover as waitresses. No word on whether or not they get to keep their tips. Detailed report follows:

There’s a disturbance at a popular nightclub. The owner is Patrick Murphy, a former cop and current pal of Officer Oliver Shaw. As a courtesy to a past colleague, the incident will be kept off the books. Dov isn’t thrilled about this. Not only did Chris get clocked in the nose during the skirmish, but a woman named Beatrice has a boyfriend who looks like he may be just as violent at home as he was at the club.

Chris finds a guy who nearly OD’s at the club. This leads Frank to launch an operation to nail the drug dealers working out of Murphy’s place. Andy and Gail go undercover as waitresses. Sam and Jerry hang outside in the surveillance van. Thanks to a recommendation from Detective Jo Rosati, Traci joins them.

[break]Speaking of Jo, she’s prepping for court to take down a crime figure she nailed with Luke back in the day. No need for Andy to worry about them working together though. After all, Luke loves her. And he’s not afraid to say it to her face. More on that later.

Andy observes a club customer make a money exchange with a bouncer. She sneaks into a back room to check things out. Andy overhears the bartender, Tori, talking about a six-figure deal with her boyfriend, who happens to be a violent drug dealer named Russell Mackie. This case just went big time.

Sam is forced to step into the club saying he’s responding to a disturbance. It’s the only way he can warn Andy and Gail to not make a premature bust. Sam’s fast, but Gail’s faster when she apprehends a suspected drug buyer. She bluffs by saying she thought the guy was skipping out on his bill. Her cover remains intact, but her waitressing days are over. Tori fires Gail which means Andy is now flying solo.

[break]Andy has a heart-to-heart chat with Tori after hours. The team in the truck hears every word as the bartender complains that her boyfriend never says he loves her. She asks Andy if her guy is like that. The answer is no. As we said earlier, Luke isn’t afraid to tell Andy how he feels. The two ladies make a toast to Andy’s man. In the truck, Sam also raises his cup with a defeated look on his face. Nobody said undercover work was easy, Sammy.

Russell Mackie shows up at the club asking Tori if she’s been talking to the cops. Andy tells him to back down when things start getting physical. Mackie pulls a gun. He’s waving it Andy’s face. The team in truck rolls in. BANG! BANG! BANG! Mackie is gunned down. The shooter: Patrick Murphy.

Murphy claims he shot Mackie to save Andy. Unfortunately, Oliver knows his old pal tipped off the dealer. That’s why Mackie thought his girl was talking to the police. Murphy committed murder to eliminate the one person who could tie him to the drugs in his club. This is especially hard for Oliver considering the fact that Murphy once took a bullet for him. Of course, that was back when he was on the right side of the law.

[break]Dov’s background check on Beatrice’s boyfriend shows he has a history of violence. He pays her an off-duty visit to warn her. It’s a noble gesture, but one that lands him in hot water. Beatrice lodges a complaint saying Dov made unwanted advances. It’s not true, but he gets put on probation anyway. We’re pretty sure the issue will be resolved quickly after Beatrice’s boyfriend is arrested for smacking her upside the head.

Spending all that time in the surveillance van with Jerry made Traci realize how much she misses him. The kiss they share at the end of the shift leads us to believe he missed her, too. Sam was also in that van listening in as Andy professed her feelings for a certain homicide detective. Later, Andy tells Luke she loves him face-to-face. Good for Luke, bad for Sam.

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