S2 E11 A Little Faith

08/31/11 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: Officers McNally, Nash and Epstein take part in an overnight undercover assignment where the past is revisited and secret worlds collide. Detailed report follows:

Detective Donovan Boyd recruits Andy, Traci and Dov to engage in a little scavenger hunt. They are dropped in the city with no money, phones or guns. Their goal is to accumulate cash and drugs using nothing more than street smarts. It’s not a competition, but that doesn’t stop the gang back at the 15 from placing bets on which undercover rookie will bring home the biggest score.

Andy assumes the identity of an insurance agent named Candace. She bestows the name Doreen upon Staci, who makes ends meet as a stripper. Andy/Candace suggests they hit an airport lounge at the Alpine Inn where Traci/Doreen can use her billiards skills to win them some cash. Guess who just happens to be working undercover at the Alpine when they arrive? Anyone who said Sam Swarek gets a gold star.

[break]Sam is going by the name J.D. and working for a shady fellow named Jamie Brennan, who challenges Doreen to a game of pool. This gives J.D. and Candace a chance to get to know each other. Wink, wink. As for Doreen, she gets info on a guy named Donnie who deals out of a motel room. A drug buy get put on hold when Andy and Traci must help a young girl who OD’d in Donnie’s bathroom.

Andy knows she should shut down her undercover operation. But she just can’t stay away from Sam. Candace the visiting insurance agent goes back to the lounge to proposition boss man Brennan’s newest employee. It’s a risky situation for both Sam and Andy, but their passion can’t be put on hold any longer. They head over to Sam’s temporary apartment where he takes Andy into his arms, then into his bed. Woo hoo!

[break]A solo-working Dov pals around with Jeremy, a drug dealer who used to hook up his deceased brother, Adam. The two men chat about Adam’s suicide as Jeremy drives all over town making his drug deals. In just a few hours, Dov has completely gained this guy’s trust. That’s why it’s so easy for him to swipe Jeremy’s stash and never look back.

When the scavenger hunt team returns to the 15, Dov brings in the most cash and drugs. That makes Oliver very happy, as he bet heavily on the young rookie. Traci comes in second, but you have to believe that Andy is still the big winner after finally hooking up with Sam. Unfortunately, it may turn out to be a one night stand. If Andy ever returns to that world, she’ll risk blowing Sam’s cover.

[break]Chris and Gail find a teenage boy tied to a tree with derogatory names written all over his face. The perpetrators are some classmates who recently posted a hate page on the web about the victim. The boy with the painted face refuses to finger his school chums. This has a frustrated Chris telling the kid to stand up for himself. This advice backfires when the victim tracks down his bully to smash a brick into his face. Not good.

Chris tries to make things right by contacting a priest who runs a street program. Perhaps the troubled kid he advised can work for him to avoid getting a criminal record. Until then, Chris will help the good father dole out some hot meals to the homeless.

In random relationship news, Frank makes Noelle smile when he says there’s still hope that they can have kids someday. Gail is still on the outs with Chris. Dov, too. As for Andy, she tells Traci that her night with Sam was heavenly. That much we knew. What we’re not sure about is if she’ll be truly able stay away from him.

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