S3 E11 The Rules

08/22/12 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: The war between a vicious drug dealer and a priest trying to keep kids off the streets escalates when things get personal for the good father. In other news, an off-duty officer from 15 Division is brutally beaten. Detailed report follows:

Father Jean-Pierre is a priest who runs a program to keep kids off the streets. He's currently in a personal war with vicious drug dealer Curtis Payne, who firebombs his van and unleashes a hail of bullets at the good father outside his church. Andy tries to convince the priest to let the police do their job. Her words fall on deaf ears. Father Jean-Pierre takes off in his car to handle things his way.

Frank wants Luke to use some of the officers of 15 for an upcoming organized crime task force. That's a tough sell considering the division's numbers are down as far as arrests. Frank orders his charges to get back to basics. That means being proactive on the streets. Traci joins her colleagues in uniform one her first back since Jerry's murder. Luke needs to know if she'll ever be able to continue her detective rotation.

Traci and Gail pick up one of Curtis Payne's drug runners, a young girl named Jordan. The kid's tough exterior likely stems from being bounced around foster homes all her life. She has three cigarette burns on her arm. It's a sign that she's been initiated into Curtis Payne's crew. Another kid with initiation burns is a boy named Thomas. He happens to be Father Jean-Pierre's son from his previous life.


During a game of hoops with Chris, Andy says she's doing just fine after her breakup with Sam. Nick offers to be her breakup buddy by reading passages from a book titled Good Riddance. Catchy title. Sam, on the other hand, is getting through any heartache he may have by harassing anyone who doesn't follow the letter of the law. That includes Curtis Payne. Unfortunately, the guy is a master at getting others to do his dirty work.

Jordan's cell phone contains a video of Thomas being initiated into Curtis Payne's crew. Andy believes Father Jean-Pierre is going after the dealer. Sam wants her to wait for backup. That's not gonna work. Father JP is seated at a table in the abandoned restaurant where Payne does his business. He has a loaded gun on his lap. When Curtis Payne steps out of the back room, Father Jean-Pierre takes aim at his head.

"Thou shalt not kill." Father Jean-Pierre pauses when Andy utters these words. She continues to say that any chance he has for a life with his son will be gone if he kills Curtis Payne in cold blood. Father Jean-Pierre knows what she says is true. He lowers his weapon and is placed under arrest. Payne is also cuffed. They won't be able to make any shooting charges stick, but the video of Thomas's initiation is enough to get him for child abuse.


Gail lets Jordan know that she can call her if she ever needs help. That's not going to happen. Jordan crumbles up Gail's card before dropping it at her feet. Luke knows that Traci is wondering what they could have done differently to get through to this young girl. He knows this because he's a detective—just like her.

Chris lets Sam know that what they did during their shift wasn't the police work they are supposed to be doing. He advises him to deal with whatever he's going through soon. Luke has similar feelings on the matter. If Sam doesn't get his act together, he'll lose Andy forever. The guy speaks from experience. In other Luke news, he lets Frank know that he now looking for recommendations for his task force.

Nick lets Andy know that she's graduated from her breakup heartache. He even presents her with the diploma. In other relationship news, Dov takes the day off to help Crystal Markes move in to her new apartment. The sister of the kid he killed in "A Good Shoot" has been taking heat from her family for this budding relationship. Dov is also a target of ire when three thugs beat him bloody in the street. They warn him to stay away from Crystal before speeding off into the night. Think he will?

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