S3 E04 Say Hello to My Little Friend

10/24/13 | NR | CC

Olivia boots Jake out of her apartment. She’s looking to put everything that’s happened behind her. She’s resigned herself to going back to being a good girl for her father, Sunday dinners and all. Olivia also needs money for her firm. They need a client which is why Harrison does a little happy dance once they finally land one. Abby gives the breakdown on the case. She says, “Senator Richard Meyers. By day, he represents the great state of Washington in our nation’s highest legislative body. By night, he’s a perving sexting pervy perv who uses the handle “Redwood Johnson.” He’s accused of murdering a woman in cold blood.

The senator admits that he tried to get back the photos he sent, but he didn’t kill anyone. His wife, Shelley, will testify that he was home with her during the murder. She insists her husband made one mistake. She doesn’t want to see him destroyed because of it. Olivia agrees that everyone deserves a second chance. She lets the press know that her client texted just one girl. He made one mistake. David Rosen proves in court that this isn’t exactly true. The senator sent lots of inappropriate texts to lots of other ladies. Olivia counters this problem by making it look like the victim was chummy with lots and lots of men.

Olivia’s strategy of attacking the victim works until news breaks that the senator sent yet another text during the trial. The guy can’t help himself. His supportive wife, Shelley, is supportive no more. Olivia tracks her down at a hotel. She encourages the scorned woman to tell the truth on the witness stand. So Shelley does. She tells the world that she hates her husband, but she also swears he didn’t kill that woman.

As the jury deliberates, the senator tells Olivia that Shelley lied about being his alibi. He still maintains that he’s not a killer, but he was alone when the murder occurred. Olivia realizes that his wife is the real killer. Shelley thought the victim was the only one her husband sexted at the time. She thought she could make it all go away if she got rid of her. As it turns out, Shelley lied to give herself an alibi. She says, “Well, like you said, Olivia, we all deserve a second chance.”

Fitz is visibly upset when he reads in the newspaper that a local Navy pilot named Peter Foster was found dead. Tom gives him a rundown on the deceased man’s life. He’s survived by a sister who doesn’t have the money for a proper funeral. That’s why the woman is surprised to learn that her brother is being buried at Arlington with full military honors. This came about thanks to an unexpected guest at the service. Pete Foster’s sister is stunned when the President of the United States steps up to stand by her side. They pay tribute to her brother, who was, in Fitz’s words, an American hero. Another uninvited guest, Huck, watches the service from afar.

Huck is angry that Quinn followed him to an AA meeting where he talks about drinking whiskey which is his way of saying he killed again. Quinn wants him to talk about it with her. That’s not going to happen. Jake wants Huck to talk about it, too. He wants to try to take down Command. Huck’s not interested. When Cyrus learns what his boss has been up to at Arlington, he meets with Rowan. Jake is also there secretly recording their conversation. He only gets it in bits and pieces. Jake brings the tape to Olivia, but she’s not interested in hearing it. Huck is though. He joins forces with Jake to convince Olivia to listen to what they have to say.

Pete Foster had a Navy tattoo on his body with the flight plan numbers for a secret mission known as Operation Remington. It occurred during a rescue on Iranian soil during the first Gulf War. Jake was on that mission. He was on the ground with four other men. There was one pilot in the air, but it wasn’t Pete Foster. It was Fitz. Someone wanted to make sure no one ever learned that Foster wasn’t the one giving air support. Cyrus lets the president know that he can’t keep digging things up that should remain buried.

Senator Josephine Marcus (guest star Lisa Kudrow) of Montana is a democratic candidate for president. Mellie is asked about her during a press event. She says all the right things while the cameras are on, but badmouths the senator once she leaves the room. Too bad a hot microphone catches her caustic comments which leads to Senator Marcus being thrust into the spotlight.

Cyrus sends White House aide Ethan to Montana to dig up dirt on this new potential threat. Fitz tries to comfort Mellie regarding all that’s gone down by holding her hand. The First Lady is unsure of what to make of this. She yanks her hand away and storms off. As for Senator Marcus, Ethan learns she may have abandoned a baby as a teen. He also picked up some slick cowboy boots while he was in Montana.

In random news, David is done waiting for an answer from Abby as to whether or not she’s in or out. The wait is over when Abby shows up at his apartment. Huck goes off on Quinn for continually asking him to talk to her under the guise of being worried. He believes she’s only “interested” in the killing part. Jake comforts Olivia about their problems. He also kisses her right up until the time the “Fitz Phone” rings. The president wants to chat, but he hangs up when he realizes Liv has company. Fitz has somewhere to be anyway. He storms into an office for a reunion that was long overdue. Fitz stands face to face with Rowan. They need to talk.

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