S3 E11 Ride, Sally, Ride

02/27/14 | NR | CC

Everyone is scrambling as Sally Langston is believed to be resigning from her post as Vice President of the United States. This catches the White House completely off guard. Cyrus, Mellie and brand-spanking-new press secretary, James, await poll numbers to guide them on how they’ll spin this thing. The results are in, but the president wants to review them first with his new campaign manager. That would be the person he’s currently sucking face with in the Oval Office. That would be Olivia Pope.

Sally goes on national TV to declare that the president’s moral corruption knows no bounds. Harsh. She won’t resign as vice president. This blows away Olivia’s plan to categorize Sally as a selfish quitter. Fitz does, however, label her a traitor as he downs multiple drinks before noon. He wants his former lieutenant governor, Andrew Nichols, to be his new vice president. His decision is not up for discussion. He dismisses everyone from the Oval Office, including Olivia.

Olivia fills in the team on Fitz’s pick for vice president. The current governor of California, Andrew Nichols, is a bit of a playboy but he makes it work for him. He’s basically clean and is polling well. Nevertheless, Olivia believes putting Nichols on the ticket is a bad move. She’s stunned to learn that Jake is now in charge of B-613. Olivia tracks down her father to talk about the situation. Rowan gives his daughter the 411 on how it all went down. It’s not a warm and fuzzy daddy speech. He suggests that she run from the White House because he assures her that Fitzgerald Grant will not make it to the end of his term.

Abby goes on TV to debate Leo Bergen. They both come out swinging during a verbal back-and-forth about Sally. Then Leo throws a sucker punch when he brings up the past allegations that Olivia is the president’s mistress. James fields a flurry of questions about the rumored affair in the press room. One journalist, Vanessa, strays from the popular topic to ask why Daniel Douglas’s autopsy results haven’t been released. This reporter had received an anonymous text tipping her on this subject. It came from mystery source known only as “Publius.”

David plays the tape he received in “A Door Marked Exit” for James. The inadmissible recording has Sally basically admitting she killed her husband during her frantic chat with Cyrus. James isn’t interested in helping David, who reluctantly agrees to do a favor for one particular Pope-head. Harrison is worried about Adnan Salif. Deportation is not an option regarding this person.

As he settles into his new role of Command, Jake has a sit-down with Charlie. He lets him know that Quinn is not B-613 and she never will be. Leo Bergen calms down a nervous Sally to get her head back in the game. Then he lets Cyrus know that he’s well aware of his involvement of the cover-up surrounding Daniel Douglas’s death. This has Cyrus calling Charlie for an under-the-table mop-up job on his last under-the-table mop-up job. He has Quinn assist him in the abduction of a young boy named Billy.

Abby and Huck blackmail the coroner who signed off that Daniel Douglas died of natural causes. The lady says it was from head trauma after an intoxicated fall. In another room, Charlie is holding little Billy’s mouth closed so he can’t scream as he and Quinn eavesdrop on the conversation. After Abby and Huck leave, mother and son are reunited. Quinn gazes out the window to see her duped colleagues heading off with no real info that will help them.

Olivia gets a lunch invitation from Mellie. There’s plenty of press around to witness the event. It’s Mellie’s way of squelching the rumors about Liv and her hubby. It’s just the first step. Mellie has Step 2 already laid out. She provides Liv with a list of prospective list of possible suitors. Mellie wants her to start dating one publically. Olivia later peppers Andrew Nichols as to why he’s still single. It’s because he lost out on his chance with someone special a long time ago. He devoted himself to his work rather than marrying someone he didn’t love.

Olivia tells Fitz that she should resign. The president puts to rest any talk of quitting with a swift, passionate kiss. Fitz says, “You are not resigning. I refuse to accept your resignation. You can’t leave me. I’m not losing you again.” Olivia wants to know why Fitz put Jake in charge of B-613. The answer is simple. It’s because Jake is the only person he trusts. Olivia again talks about resigning. Fitz says he can’t win without her. This has Olivia heading out the door. She’s not happy. She’s also not resigning.

Harrison lets Abby know that his life is in danger. This is why he borrows her gun. However, Harrison doesn’t use it on Adnan Salif when this mystery person shows up. Instead, he rips off her clothes as they make love in the office. In other news, Leo Bergen has a meeting with the type of man he was never quite sure truly existed. This person is Rowan.

Vanessa the reporter gets another text from Publius. Leo meets with Cyrus to discuss who is leaking info to her. They have no idea that their conversation is being recorded thanks to a bug James planted in his hubby’s office. He plays the chat back to David, who is surprised to learn that James actually hasn’t gone to the dark side. It has something to do with the fact that his husband is a monster. James plans to take him down. He’s the source who has been leaking things to the press. He is Publius. In other news, Fitz announces his new running mate, Andrew Nichols, a man who is just happy to be near Mellie again. It seems she’s the one that got away.

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