S3 E16 The Fluffer

04/03/14 | TV-14 | CC

Cyrus is not pleased to learn that Abby is working as Olivia’s proxy. He almost feels sorry for her, as she has no idea what she’s stepping into. Fitz, Mellie and Andrew leave the room almost immediately after Abby begins speaking. It’s not that she said anything wrong. It’s just that she’s not Olivia Pope.

Olivia makes Rowan/Eli/ex-Command/Dad promise that he won’t hurt the president as they begin working together to take down B613. The plan is to get at the organization’s bank account. Huck doesn’t want to do the job since the info came from Liv’s father. But sometimes we do the things we don’t want to do.

Jeannine Locke, the woman everyone thinks had an affair with Fitz, has written a book. She’s making the rounds with the press totally playing up the faux mistress role she was dealt. Her explosive memoir spills sordid details of risqué White House romps that never happened—to her, at least.

Fitz orders a private chat with Olivia. He’s ticked she sent Gabby in her place. He doesn’t care what her actual name is. Fitz wants Andrew off his ticket. That can’t happen. The discussion turns into an emotional argument about their relationship. It ends with Olivia telling Fitz to make nice with Andrew and Mellie.

Jake gives Quinn and Charlie an assignment to do surveillance on Maya Pope. Later that night, he shows up drunk outside Olivia’s door. He misses her. He wants to come in. That’s not going to happen. Jake says, “I asked you to save me. And you said no.” He slowly turns to exit into the elevator.

Huck gets into B613’s bank account, but it’s empty. He believes Olivia’s father played them. Rowan/Eli/ex-Command/Dad denies this. He believes Jake moved the data. The money still exists, but it can only be accessed from within B613 where Jake controls the code.

Cyrus leaks the news that Sally Langston’s daughter had an abortion. Olivia is ticked. Cy says he did it because she was lying down on the job by sending a proxy. That would be Gabby/Abby. Apparently, the president isn’t listening to Liv these days either. He’s in the Oval Office chatting with a new VP pick.

Olivia breaks up the meeting. She asks Fitz what he needs. She needs to hear it from him. Fitz obliges. He says he needs Andrew to stop sleeping with his wife. Olivia will take care of this. Fitz grabs her hand before she can go. It doesn’t last long. Olivia breaks free to leave a frustrated Fitz alone. She asks Andrew if he wants to keep sleeping with Mellie or be Vice President. If he backs Fitz, she won’t have to destroy him.

Olivia needs to get close to Jake’s phone for Huck to access the B613 account. That means she has to get close to Jake. So she sleeps with him. Then she swipes info off his cell phone. She drops it off to Huck and Harrison before silently walking away with a humiliated, defeated look on her face.

Olivia wants the Grant and Langston camps to gang up on the increasingly-popular Governor Reston. They deliver the file they have on him to his imprisoned wife. It details how he killed her lover in cold blood. Reston threatens to have his wife shipped away if she crosses him. She doesn’t have to. Abby recorded their conversation. It goes viral. The Reston campaign takes a severe body blow. He’s out of the race.

Harrison employs his contact Claire to get info on Olivia’s mom, who has come out of hiding. Mama Maya crashes the dinner her daughter is having with her dad. She’s there to tell Olivia to find a new line of work because what she’s doing now is just too dangerous. A call from Harrison lets Liv know that Claire is dead. Maya is behind this.

A press event where Fitz and Mellie speak to the Warrior Women of America helps put a positive spin on their campaign. Afterwards, Andrew lets Mellie know that things are over between them. We do not touch the First Ladies. A furious Mellie slaps Fitz. She screams, “You take everything from me!” Then she leaves him to keep on being president.

Quinn and Charlie observe Maya unwrap the "Mona Lisa of boom." That means she has a big bomb. They talk about hitting either the White House or the campaign trail. Jake orders his agents to sit tight. He has no idea that Huck has hacked into B613’s internal organization. He can shut it all down. He asks Olivia if he should. The answer is yes. The surveillance signal on Maya is lost. Quinn defies orders and storms the room. Maya is gone. Charlie tries to call Command. He can’t get through. The line is dead.

Olivia makes a toast to tell her team that they accomplished their mission. They are finally stepping into the light. Jake storms into the office. He pins Olivia to the wall by the throat. He holds a gun out with his free hand to keep her fellow gladiators at bay. He demands to know what she’s done. Olivia says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Jake explains. He says, “You just killed the president.”

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