S4 E15 The Testimony of Diego Munoz

03/12/15 | TV-14 | CC

After some intense prep work, Fitz introduces Senator Susan Ross, his nominee to be the next Vice President of the United States. Things get off to a fine start. Susan is following the script flawlessly. Then the enormity of the situation catches up with her and she has a mini-meltdown involving a snort-filled laugh. All Fitz, Mellie, Cyrus and Abby can do is force smiles as this train wreck unfolds before their eyes.

The White House calls in Leo Bergen to help. He advises more laughing. A short time later, Susan is making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Leo is working his PR magic while enjoying his daily bickering with Abby. She’s digging it, too. Of course, all that excitement fades away when Leo pushes too hard. Susan has enough. She quits. A short time after that, Abby fires Leo. That likely means they’ve broken up, too.

Abby turns to Olivia to save the day. It could be just what she needs. Olivia gives Susan a pep talk. The confirmation hearing is on. Susan aces all the questions thrown at her, but still may not have the votes they need. That’s because the senate hates Fitz after the war in West Angola.

Olivia accuses the president of making a mockery of democracy. A demockery, if you will. Fitz steps over to say she knows why he did what he did. Olivia is left breathless for a moment. She regroups to tell Fitz to go to Capitol Hill to ask for forgiveness. He does and Susan Ross is confirmed as the country’s next vice president. Oh, and Abby and Leo make up, too.

Olivia drinks straight from the bottle while recalling the horrors of her kidnapping. She invites Rose, the friend of her deceased neighbor, in for a cup of coffee. She listens to this woman’s worried tales of her missing BFF. Olivia wants Huck and Quinn to find Lois’s body. She learns that Rose and Lois loved each other. She promises to find a way to bring her back to her.

Huck and Quinn find Lois’s body. Olivia lies to Rose about how Lois died. She says there was no pain. As Rose cries that things will never be the same, Olivia has flashbacks of her old life. She later plops down the gun she’s been carrying around her apartment all lately to enjoy some wine and a super-sized bowl of popcorn.

David meets with a woman who claims her husband worked for B613. This lady has the files to prove it. Her husband’s name is Diego Munoz, which also happens to be Huck’s real name. That’s a problem. Huck promises to take care of it, but he can’t. The woman, his wife, is pressing on with the case. Jake tells Huck that he needs to testify that he has PTSD. He needs to deny everything about B613. At least that way they will all stay alive.

Huck enjoys a nice dinner with his family. He knows there may not be many more once he lies during his testimony. Huck claims that he doesn’t remember his B613 days. He does this while recalling happier days with his family. Then he surprises David by admitting that he was kept prisoner in a hole. He had a routine to keep him from going crazy.

Huck tearfully recounts the hell he went through every single day. David has no choice but to move forward with the questioning. As for Huck, he finally finds some peace along with a kiss from his wife. Elsewhere, Jake tells David how they need to shut down this problem. That’s not going to happen. David is moving forward. He’s going to get the bad guys.

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