S4 E16 It's Good to Be Kink

03/19/15 | TV-14 | CC

“Leo is the Dustbuster!” Abby makes Olivia turn away before revealing this. What exactly does it mean? The answer can be found in the pages of a tell-all book a woman is trying to get published. It dishes on the dirty details of the sex lives of DC’s elite. Leo “The Dustbuster” Bergen is just one of the featured players. If word gets out about the kinds of things he likes, Abby’s career is over. She needs help. She needs Olivia Pope.

The scandalous book’s author, Suzanne “Sue” Thomas (guest star Lena Dunham), is caught off guard by the lecture she receives from Olivia. She rebounds quickly. Sue shows up at her office demanding $3 million to not publish her book. She calls out Olivia for not being the powerful person she thought she was. Sue doesn’t care if people call her a whore. She only cares that she lives her life on her terms, which includes becoming a successful author.

Sue is a very popular presence on the Land-O-Kink dating app. The team needs the book to determine the identities of the men in her book. Quinn sets up Sue on a date with Charlie while Huck scans the only typewritten copy of the book. The team of perusing Popeheads identifies top DC officials with codenames like Agent Orange, Slapjack, Sit-and-Spin, Thruster and the Gulch. There’s also the Doctor, who happens to be the current white hat-wearing Attorney General, David Rosen.

Olivia lets the group of kinky book subjects know that they’ll need to pony up $175,000 each to pay off Sue. David puts the kibosh on that notion. He won’t pay. This has repercussions for Huck, who wants full immunity for exposing B613. That’s not going to happen if Sue’s book comes out. David’s career will be over. Abby believes she’s through, too. She details the reasons why to Leo when he interrupts her as she’s typing up her resignation letter.

Elizabeth turns to Mellie after Cyrus turns to her for help on getting votes for police body cameras. She figures out that the First Lady is running for a senator’s seat in Virginia as part of a plan to be president someday. Elizabeth wants to be her campaign manager. A possible alliance is in the works.

Olivia realizes that Sue is publishing her book because she’s angry. Her old boss fired her when she wouldn’t sleep with him. Olivia offers to help her get justice. Sue is overwhelmed when she learns that Olivia got her an interview with the Washington Post. After all, she knows how to write from a unique perspective. Olivia is surprised by the genuine hug she receives. She’s further blown away when Cyrus offers to pay the $3 million for the book—not for Abby’s sake, but for the dirt on the men in it.

Quinn and Huck happen by Sue’s apartment as she’s being held at knifepoint. One of the men in her book doesn’t want her to ruin his life. The DC power player, nicknamed “Double Stuff” by the way, ultimately drops the knife. Huck shuffles him out of the apartment. He then takes the knife and proceeds to brutally slit Sue’s throat. Quinn is in shock. Huck explains that Sue would have talked eventually. That would jeopardize his chance for immunity with David Rosen. Huck feels somewhat bad for what he did. After all, he liked Sue.

Quinn convinces Olivia that going after the person who killed Sue would hurt Abby in the long run. As for Huck, he gets his immunity deal. He signs the document as David rambles on about the sense of guilt he feels. Then Huck goes home. Elsewhere, Abby and Leo pay tribute to Sue’s memory by acting out Chapter 5 of her book. They head down to the kitchen. Butter is needed. Perhaps a dustbuster will be utilized later.

Jake gives Fitz the scoop on Olivia’s state of mind. It’s not great. She’s drinking lots of wine while keeping a gun close by. Olivia thumbs through Sue’s book. A short time later, she’s out at a bar picking up a strange man. Olivia offers to bring him back to her apartment before having a panic attack in the restroom. A few days later, she picks up the same guy and actually does bring him to her place this time around. Olivia orders this man into her bedroom. She follows him in with some wine. No sign of the gun.

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