S4 E18 Honor Thy Father

04/02/15 | TV-14 | CC

Olivia is startled when she wakes up next to Russell. Actually, his name is Franklin, as in Franklin Russell. Olivia is surprised he gave her a fake name when she picked him up in the bar. Of course, she introduced herself as Alex. So let’s call it even.

David is going full speed ahead with his plans to take down B613. Jake…not so much. So David sets his sights on those who worked with him—Max Butler, Margo Ross and an elderly agent named Simon. Jake eavesdrops on the plan to use these agents to reel him in. He’s later caught by Charlie in the hideout where Max, Margo and Simon have been attacked. A brutal fight takes place. Jake ends up fleeing the scene.

Huck and Charlie convince Quinn that they need to kill Jake. That won’t be easy. Jake has set up shop in the apartment across from Olivia’s place. He lets Huck and Quinn know that she’ll be fine as long as nothing happens to him. This puts a wrinkle in the plan. The good guys lose on this one. Charlie bids adieu to all. David can’t let it end this way. He leaves a voice message saying that he will testify against Jake, who overhears the whole thing.

Congressman Nicholas Reed has been trying to save his father, George, from his rapidly-approaching execution day. George Reed confessed to killing his daughter’s math teacher. The young girl committed suicide after feeling the pain of a broken heart from her affair with the adult. Despite the confession, Congressman Reed doesn’t believe his father killed anyone. Neither does Olivia. She’s taking the case even though George has no interest in fighting his fate.

The slimy teacher slept with other young girls. This means there are other possible suspects in his murder. There’s a chance the guy’s recently-deceased ex-wife, Lisa, did it. She had a gun that looks like the one used in the murder. Olivia realizes this is all a little too convenient. She knows that Congressman Reed is the real killer. George Reed threatened to kill himself if his son ever tried to confess. So the congressman kept quiet all these years. He can’t keep quiet anymore. Nicholas confesses and George is a free man.

Elizabeth takes a trip down south to learn that Mellie's half-sister Harmony could cause serious damage to her campaign. That’s why they need to welcome her into the fold. In other words, Mellie needs to make nice. That proves to be quite challenging. A semi-civil dinner conversation goes south fast. Harmony threatens to expose some secrets.

Mellie dismisses Fitz’s advice to make her half-sis feel welcome. She’d much rather kick back with some of her daddy’s hooch. Fitz takes it upon himself to make things right with Melody. He does this by pretty much telling her what she needs to hear. This tactic foils Cyrus’s hope that Mellie’s senate dreams would implode.

David makes his way to his car with his assistant, Holly. Jake steps up to them with a gun drawn. Holly has a gun, too. She’s B613. Jake shoots her dead. He didn’t kill all those other agents. She did. Jake lets David know that he was always part of the plan to take down B613. This is war now. More will be coming. In fact, they are already here. Olivia opens her front door to see Russell staring at her silently. He’s not alone. Rowan steps up beside him.

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