S4 E07 Baby Made a Mess

11/06/14 | TV-14 | CC

Olivia had let Fitz know that there’s hope for them, so she’s been getting calls from him every night. The most recent late night chat starts out warm and fuzzy. Things take a turn when Liv asks about Jake. CLICK! Olivia wants David to get her into the Supermax prison. It’s where Jake is being held, but that’s not who she wants to visit. Olivia questions former Secret Service/B613 man Tom. She wants to know who ordered him to kill the president’s son. He wants to know how she has so much power over his former boss.

Tom recalls a time when his president snuck into her place after they broke up. He lets Liv know that he could protect the president from everyone but her. The news that Fitz once tried to kill himself is spilled. Olivia promises to protect Tom from her father if he tells her the truth. She vows that Rowan will try to kill him because he’s a loose end. Even after all that, Tom tells her that Jake gave the order to kill the president’s son.

RING! It’s the Fitz Phone! Olivia lets the president know that she visited Tom. She brings up the suicide attempt. The president doesn’t want to talk about that. He wants to talk about hope. He wants to talk about what he’ll methodically do to her if she comes over to the White House. This has a hot-and-bothered Olivia asking what will happen next. Fitz says that depends on how much hope there is. CLICK!

Quinn pays a visit to Jeremy Winslow. She believes his daughter died because of something she saw. She wants to know what all of this has to do with the surveillance pictures that were taken of Olivia Pope. Winslow can’t give her the answers she seeks. He pulls out a gun. BANG! Jeremy Winslow shoots himself in the head.

Someone recorded Senator Lewis McDonnell during his “playtime” which involves the elderly gentleman dirtying up the diaper he was wearing. Abby is saddled with cleaning up this mess, from a PR perspective, that is. She’s blindsided by a reporter’s query about Charles Putney replacing McDonnell. Call him Chip. Leo Bergen is running his campaign. Abby knows Chip well. He’s her ex-husband. He’s the guy who used to beat her on a regular basis.

The only way to keep Chip out of Abby’s life is to make sure his opponent wins. Sounds like a job for Olivia Pope! Senate hopeful Susan Ross’s campaign to be the next United States Senator is suddenly shifted into the big time. Her image is transformed. Her adorable daughter becomes the star of Pope-produced campaign spot that goes viral. Abby can’t hide her smile when she sees this. She doesn’t hide her gun either when her slimy ex approaches her in a parking lot. Chip quickly realizes that Abby won’t allow him to hurt her anymore.

Olivia says that she’d advise Abby to tell the world what Chip did to her if she were her client. But Abby knows she’ll be branded. Leo lets Abby know that he has dirt on his client’s opponent. Chip is going to win. So Abby tells Leo just what kind of man his client really is. This has Leo taking action to make sure Chip loses. He denies doing so to Abby as they share a drink in the White House press room. They also share a kiss.

Huck continues to play video games online with his son, Javi. The two of them make plans to meet at an arcade after school. Huck is a no-show. At least, that’s what Javi thinks. He was there, watching from outside, knowing that he can’t approach him. In other news, Quinn and Huck show Olivia the pictures that were taken of her as they relay the news of Jeremy Winslow’s suicide. Later, Javi uses his tech knowledge to track down Huck at the OPA offices. He wants to know why he left him and his mom. He knows he’s his dad.

Rowan is ticked that Olivia went to see Tom. He goes off on one of his patented Command/Dad speeches to put her in her place. It doesn’t quite take. So Rowan assures his little girl that against him she will lose. A short time later, Tom is shanked by a guard in his cell.

A car bomb explodes outside the U.S. Embassy in West Angola. 30 people were killed with no U.S. casualties. Fitz orders the USS Truman in to help. Cyrus tells Michael the USS Roosevelt is the aircraft carrier being sent in a deterrent. He’s setting a trap for Elizabeth, but Lizzy Bear doesn’t bite. This has Cyrus happy. Perhaps Michael isn’t the reason for leaked info.

Mellie believes she’s been put on probation for telling the world the U.S. will never close their military bases. She’s asked to do puff pieces with the press. She’s approached by Elizabeth, who has an idea of how she can do some good. This has Mellie later going on national TV stating that she supports her husband sending the USS Roosevelt into West Angola. Cyrus now knows that Michael actually IS playing him.

Mellie has an intense discussion with Fitz. Their chat comes to an abrupt end when the president gets a call Olivia Pope is on the line. She went to see Tom in his hospital bed. She got him to tell the truth. Rowan is the one who gave him the order to kill the president’s son.

Olivia reveals how she got Tom to confess. She’s the one who had him shanked. She only led Tom to believe it was Rowan in order to get the truth. As short time later, Jake is brought into a secure room where Olivia and Fitz are waiting for him. The only thing the three of them have to say to each other is a simple “hi.” More compelling conversation is sure to come.

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