S5 E14 I See You

03/17/16 | TV-14 | CC

Olivia has cameras set up so she can spy on Jake’s new fiancée, Vanessa Moss. Of course, it’s hard to spy on a spy. Jake is hip to Liv’s not-so-secret camera setup. He lectures her on her daddy/president issues before assuring her that he’s in love with Vanessa. A short time later, Olivia tells Jake she wants to call a truce. She says she misses him. All seems well until Olivia realizes that the way Jake met Vanessa is the same way he met her. She orders Quinn to step up surveillance on Jake.

Mellie meets with Hollis Doyle, who wants some help with the EPA in exchange for a half billion bucks in campaign contributions. That’s not the only meeting the oily oilman takes. His sit-down with Susan Ross goes sideways fast when Fitz assures the veep that they don’t need to suck up to this man to win an election. This sends Hollis back to Mellie, who lays out the framework for her campaign. Hollis likes what he hears. That’s why he steals the idea to declare it as his own as he announces his candidacy for President of the United States. 

Susan Ross yells at Fitz in the Oval Office. She’s upset that Hollis Doyle is now running against her in large part due to the president’s actions. She’s the candidate. She’s going to have to debate the guy now. This is the Susan Ross Show. Stay tuned!

Huck recognizes the guy who is dating his ex, Kim. He and Charlie once tried to kill him. His name is Sean Barton. Huck tricks the guy into going on a car ride with him. Olivia, Quinn and Marcus search for them. They find the empty car. A heated discussion between Olivia and Quinn ensues about how things have certainly changed over the years. The discussion ends abruptly when Huck appears to dump Sean’s unconscious body onto the ground. Turns out this wasn’t the guy he tortured back in the day. Huck realizes that he needs to let go of his family. He needs to move on.

Abby realizes that Cyrus is cheating on the president. Not literally. That wouldn’t make sense, as she points out to David. Cyrus is in cahoots with Francisco Vargas. Abby calls him on it. Cyrus promises he’ll make things right. He assures her that things are over with Vargas. He begs her to not tell the president. Abby agrees, but she still wants to take Cyrus down. She wants his job. She doesn’t want to wait. Olivia advises her to not let the thirst for power corrupt her. She should be a better person.

Abby lets Fitz know that Cyrus is running Francisco Vargas’s presidential campaign. She advises him on how he can make this work for him. All he has to do is fire Cyrus and hire her. Actually, Abby is the one who has to do the firing. That’s the job. So Abby fires Cyrus. He has 15 minutes to exit the White House. As for Abby, she joins the president and the vice president for a drink.

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