S5 E08 Rasputin

11/12/15 | TV-14 | CC

The President of the United States makes his way through the tunnels under the White House to a holding room. He steps inside to see a sullen, handcuffed Olivia Pope seated behind an empty table. Fitz stares at her for a beat. He says, “Tell me it’s not true, Liv.” Before she can answer, we jump back 48 hours to see just what led up to this moment.

The White House is abuzz with the news of a disarmament deal with the Middle East nation of Bandar. The translator for the country’s Minister of Energy, Navid, tells Olivia he wants to defect. He offers to give the location of a secret nuclear facility nobody knows about in exchange for asylum. Fitz asks Susan Ross to make a public statement that will give them all time to verify the translator’s story. In other words, he asks her to put her foot in her mouth. So she does. Unfortunately, Navid’s intel doesn’t check out. Deal’s off.

Rowan pays a visit to Olivia to say he’s being hunted. He’s not worried about Jake though. He’s afraid of those who have initiated Lazarus 1. He lets his daughter know that he will protect her while he’s alive and has taken measures to assure that she’ll be okay should he die. Olivia tells Jake about her visitor. Their exchange is unsettling to say the least. It’s cut short when the president pops into his office. Olivia later assures Abby that she’ll tell Fitz how she freed her father. It’ll end them though.

Huck helps Jake gain intel on Rowan, but he can’t do any more than that. He returns to the OPA offices to help the team realize that Navid was telling the truth. Olivia calls Abby, who stops Fitz from signing the disarmament deal moments before he was to put pen to paper. As for Navid, he’s found unconscious in his hospital room. Blood spews from his arm where he had cut himself. Once Navid regains consciousness, Olivia apologizes for not believing him.

Cyrus manipulates David into helping him hunt down Rowan. As it turns out, the person who probably masterminded his escape is Olivia Pope, who is placed under arrest. We now return to the moment we were at when the president met up with his incarcerated girlfriend. Fitz is devastated when he discovers that the accusations against Olivia are all true. He can’t even speak as he leaves the room. Olivia is left alone sobbing uncontrollably.

Fitz lets Cyrus know that he wants Olivia to be released. Turns out she was right about Bandar being evil. They aren’t hiding a nuclear base, but they are housing supercomputers to launch massive cyberattacks. This has Fitz believing she may not be lying about her father. He orders Cyrus to bring Olivia home to him. Then he signs the nuclear disarmament deal. As cameras flash, Fitz lets Bandar’s leader know that his secret supercomputer compound is about to be blown away.

Jake lets the president know that he has a lock on Rowan’s location. The only one there when he arrives, however, is Tom, who is lifeless on the floor. Fitz tells Olivia that Jake now under orders to bring him in. Fitz also reveals that he’s had all of Liv’s clothes transported to the White House. That’s because she lives there now. She’ll also have her own Secret Service detail. Fitz is looking to keep her safe and protected. Elsewhere, Rowan is handcuffed to chair in a machinery-filled warehouse. His captor has some questions for him. Time will tell just what Huck wants to ask his old B613 boss.

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