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Huck has never tortured someone inside the family before. All this is about to change with Quinn, who is bound with duct tape around her entire body. Huck removes the piece covering her mouth so he can begin yanking out her teeth. His work is interrupted by a phone call from Olivia. Her mother is alive. Huck advises Liv to ditch her cell phone and meet him at the safe house. Quinn’s impromptu dental work will have to wait. Actually, Huck has time for one quick extraction before he goes. YOLO, right? You only live once. Quinn screams in agony.

Fitz wants to make a late night call to Olivia, but Mellie is busy getting liquored up in his usual phone call spot, the bathroom. When the president finally gets some alone time in the loo, he’s confused to discover that Liv’s number is not in service. This is because she is sitting in a corner of the safe house as Maya explains to the team how she escaped. The problem is nobody escapes from Command. Huck and Jake rip out a tracking unit that was implanted inside Maya’s body. They escape moments before Charlie gets there. Rowan/Eli/Command orders a full-scale manhunt for Maya and his daughter’s team.

Olivia wants to put her mother on the first flight to Hong Kong to keep her safe. Maya was hoping her daughter would have more of her inside than Eli. Olivia assures her mom that she’s nothing like her father. She’s keeping Maya at arm’s length. She keeps flashing back to the day her mother left 22 years ago. As for the plan to send Mama Pope off to Hong Kong, that’s not going to happen anytime soon now that she’s been put on the no-fly list. She’s been labeled as a terrorist under a name Olivia believes her father invented.

Jake knows that Maya will never safe as long as Command is still alive. They need to take him out. He goes to the one person who can help him do this: The President of the United States. Fitz provides him with the assets he needs. BOOM! A raid on Rowan’s hideout proves to be a trap as an explosion kills multiple mercenaries. Huck believes Quinn may be able to help them get close to Command. So he yanks out more of her teeth. Later, Charlie finds a bloodied Quinn. He lets her know that she still has him on her side. The two of them make love. Then it’s time to get to work.

Olivia places a call to Fitz, who vows to take care of her mother. It appears as though he wants to be her hero, too. A short time later, Olivia is placing Maya aboard a government plane out of the country. There’s an emotionless farewell until Abby prods Liv into giving her mom a goodbye hug. Once Maya is aboard the plane, Olivia remembers that her mom received a phone call 22 years ago from a man looking for Marie. Marie Wallace to be exact. This happens to be the name of the person Rowan used to classify Maya as a terrorist. Olivia suddenly realizes her father has been trying to protect her. He’s not the monster. Her mother is.

Sally Langston reluctantly agrees to abandon her core belief to say she’s pro choice in order to satisfy her political ambitions. Otherwise, she won’t get the women’s vote during her run for the presidency. Sally lets her husband know they are moving forward. This has Daniel Douglas fearing James will say he’s gay in the article he’s writing. As for Sally, she tenders her resignation. Fitz warns that she’ll rue the day she crossed him.

Cyrus can’t get the images of his husband and Daniel Douglas having sex out of his head, probably because he keeps looking at the sordid photos. This turn of events puts his blackmail plans on hold. Cyrus confronts James about Daniel Douglas. He threatens to release the photos when talks of divorce arise. Their heated conversation is cut short when a furious Fitz summons Cyrus to the White House over the Sally debacle. Mellie realizes what happened when she catches Cyrus breaking down in tears. She tells him he’ll get through this. He’ll be numb inside, but he’ll be fine.

Cyrus tries to blackmail Sally with the photos of her husband and James. She’s thrown only momentarily, but doesn’t buckle to his extortion attempt. Sally calls his bluff. Cyrus then tells James he won’t ever show the photos to Sally as he begs for his husband’s forgiveness.

In random news, Harrison learns that Adnan Salif is back in the country. He’s advised to have his phone on the ready. Quinn heads into Wonderland with Charlie to meet with Rowan. She wants the video footage of her murdering the security guard before she agrees to help him. The syringe she hides in her pocket during their meeting likely has something to do with a deal she made with Huck earlier. Finally, Sally Langston calls Cyrus to let him know that she has committed a sin. Daniel Douglas’s dead body behind her gives some clarity as to just what that sin is.


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