S5 E05 You Got Served

10/22/15 | TV-14 | CC

In a unanimous decision, the senate is launching an investigation to see if President Fitzgerald Grant has committed any impeachable offenses. David lets his boss know that he needs a lawyer. Oh, and he also needs to steer clear of talking about this situation with Olivia Pope.

Olivia pastes images on the big board regarding OPA’s latest case. The clippings, photos, headlines in this particular instance are of Olivia Pope. The team needs some outside help on this one. Cue Leo “The Dustbuster” Bergen! Olivia puts the kibosh on his idea to spin this scandal as a true love story. She does, however, take a liking to Quinn’s suggestion of making her a “Woman of the People.” They now need a ringing endorsement from her senator/ex, Edison Davis.

Edison is still smarting from that time Olivia dressed him down for suggesting that she was having an affair with the president. “A criminal, a whore, an idiot and a liar.” Those were the words she used to describe how she felt Edison was characterizing her. So this time he dresses her down now before finally agreeing to give an assist. His interview on national TV helps Liv’s cause. The breaking news that the president once gave her a ring does not.

Leo blows a gasket when he discovers that Fitz gave his client a family heirloom. So much for the “Woman of the People” angle. Time to bring back Leo’s love story concept. In other news, Jake is surprised when Olivia pops by his place. His “old friend” from Paris, Elise, provides them with some privacy, but not before planting a little territorial PDA kiss. Jake suggests that Olivia is afraid of tying herself to Fitz and the White House forever. He also advises her to just tell the truth.

Olivia goes on national TV to talk about the ring and the affair. When the subject of regrets comes up, she admits that she wishes she’s never laid eyes on the president because of all the hardship it has caused her friends. It’s also hurt the business she’s worked so hard to build. If she had never laid eyes on Fitz, she never would have fallen in love with him, and he wouldn’t have fallen in love with her.

Mellie is asked to recuse herself from the committee investigating her husband. She reveals to Cyrus that she’s the one who leaked the Fitz/Liv ring bombshell to the press. The two of them chow down on brownies, five kinds of cheese and sparkling wine while watching the news. Cyrus apologizes for ever bringing Olivia onto the campaign.

Marcus is strong-armed by Senators Stanley Gibson and Leslie Moskowitz into becoming a spy inside OPA. He seemingly agrees to play ball, but actually ends up spying on the investigative committee. Marcus discovers the CIA documents they are planning to use. They have the tape from Olivia’s kidnapping. It doesn’t mean anything unless the president confided in someone that he watched the video.

Olivia pulls Fitz into bed with her. She cranks up the music to let him know about the videotape. This information is relayed during lots of kissing and straddling. Later, a call his made to Cyrus, who hides from Mellie the fact that the president is on the other end of the line. A short time later, Cyrus is offered a job in the White House. He knows this is all about the West Angola tape.

Cyrus recounts all the things Fitz is to him. He expresses his disappointment that the president really doesn’t know anything about him. That’s not exactly true. Fitz remembers the times when Cy used to receive memorable packages from his mother during the campaign. It’s some of the only times he ever saw him smile. Fitz goes on to apologize for how he acted, for how he forgot they are family. He wants him back. Cyrus will come back, but only as Chief of Staff. Deal!

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