Episode #402 Music: "The State of the Union"

By Music Lounge | Oct 4th, 2014

Clip from Scandal featuring "MacArthur Park" by Donna Summer
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Episode #402: "The State of the Union"  
Original Air-Date: 10/2/14  
Song Artist Description of Use

"He's The Greatest Dancer" Sister Sledge Quinn and Huck tell Olivia the Elliots are real heroes. We see bursts of various newspaper clippings of James and Lisa's lives. Olivia knocks on the Elliot's door, it's open. She enters…
"The Army Goes Rolling Along" Sung by Cast Lisa is talking to Quinn when they pass a room where they hear John and Huck singing.
"MacArthur Park" Donna Summer Olivia arrives at someone's apartment wearing only an overcoat for "not" a booty call. She takes off her overcoat and they begin to make out. Cyrus enters looking for the handsome young man…