Scandal Pops: Watch the Recap Video for Season 5 Episode 13

By Sarah Huggins | Mar 10th, 2016

 Watch "Scandal Pops" for Scandal Season 5, Episode 13 "The Fish Rots From The Head"

Scandal Pops has arrived, Gladiators! We're here to catch you up on the biggest moments from each episode and this week's Season 5, Episode 13 “The Fish Rots From the Head” was totally endorsement worthy!

Fitz is back on the market in a major way. He is free to enjoy being single to the fullest, but his recent transgressions and previous cheating ways have Susan Ross apprehensive about getting an endorsement for President. The V.P. isn't the only one who has an issue with Fitz getting busy in the bedroom with numerous women. When Mellie stops by to drop off Teddy for a night with Daddy, she is surprised to catch him with a blonde wearing nothing but a bathrobe. Mellie warns Fitz saying he can do whatever he wants, but to keep his lady friends away from her children.

Meanwhile, Jake shows up in the middle of the night and calls Olivia out on spying on him and Vanessa. Jake then asks Olivia what she thinks of his new girlfriend and her perfect pedigree. Things start to get physical, but stop when Olivia questions Jake's motives with his new flame. Later, Olivia stops by Papa Pope's house unexpectedly to find Jake and Vanessa celebrating their engagement. Sunday night dinners will never be the same!

After OPA is called to help the secret service out of a jam involving a dead escort, Olivia pays a visit to the White House. Her first time seeing Fitz since they broke up. The two have a lot to catch up on between Olivia working for Mellie, Fitz's trysts with several woman and the secret service debacle. Olivia leaves Fitz with an important message on her way out asking him to stop and think about what kind of example he is setting for the people that work for him, his children and the country based on his recent actions. The meeting and Olivia's words aren't far from his mind when the President tells Susan Ross she has his endorsement and then promises to earn it and be the kind of man she would want to back her candidacy.

Speaking of candidates in the race, Francisco Vargas asks Cyrus Beene to run his campaign for President. Then Vargas confides in Cyrus about his daughter's cancer prognosis. Little does Vargas know, his decision to run was all of a part of Cyrus Beene's master plan.

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