5 Things You Need to Know Before the "Scandal" Season 6 Finale

By Marisa Dabney | May 16th, 2017

Season six of Scandal tested the Survival of the Fittest, seen escapes using just a Belt, the near Extinction of Papa Pope and a Gladiator left for Dead in the Water. However, through all of these trials and tribulations of the recent election cycle both Olivia and Fitz are preparing for a White House exit and a White House entrance. Before this transfer of power takes place there are two more episodes left in season 6. Not caught up yet? Do not worry. Below is a recap of season six's top moments that will be prepare you for this week's finale. You can also watch the latest episodes now at abc.com and the abc app.

Watch the following videos of some of the top moments from season 6:

Is Huck Dead?

Fitz and Olivia's Wedding