Gladiator Report: Season 3 Mid-Season Catch-Up

By Jim Donnelly | Jan 24th, 2014

Looking for a little Olitz fix? Can’t cope without Pope? Feeling crabby ‘cause you’re missing Abby? We’ll stop with the questions now because there’s nothing that really rhymes with Harrison. Speaking of our favorite slick-talking big office Popehead, he’s the focus of a little sneak leak we have to get all gladiators ready for Scandal’s triumphant return THURSDAY FEBRUARY 27 10|9c. Until then, take a peek at what’s headed our way and catch up with some clips of where we left off in “A Door Marked Exit” in this special Mid-Season Catch-Up edition of the Gladiator Report!

Sneak Leak: All we really know about the mysterious Adnan Salif is that Cyrus Beene put the wheels in motion to get this person back into the country. The perpetually-cool Harrison learned about this in “Yolo” and suddenly became perpetually nervous. Could any of this have led to the sneak leak you see here? You be the judge.

Preview 311: Gun Sneak Leak|Why does Harrison need a gun?|Don't miss the return of Scandal on Thursday, February 27!



Sneak Leak 2: When we last were with Liv and Mellie, they didn't exactly have a recurring girls' lunch thing going. What do you think could have inspired this special little meetup? 

Preview 311: Lunch|What are we doing here?|Why does Mellie want to have lunch with Olivia?



Running with the Devil: So, Sally Langston killed her hubby, Daniel Douglas, after he had sex with James. It happens. She called Cyrus Beene for help. This ticked off Leo. He said, “You kill someone… you call me.” Good to know. Cyrus probably would have felt a lot better if he’d just let Sally’s call go to voicemail as evidenced by this scene. Fortunately, he has Mellie to snap him out of his crisis of conscience.

Cyrus and Mellie Are the Devil|They've done many bad things, but this one takes the cake.|They've done many bad things, but this one takes the cake. Watch this scene from Scandal Episode 310: A Door Marked Exit.



Oh, Boy: Rowan is on the move to track down Maya until his team is boxed in by agents working for the president. Fitz plans to detain him until Olivia’s mom is free. He wants to know why he was ordered to shoot down that plane if Maya was already in custody. He also reveals the intimate details of what he does with Olivia. That may have been a mistake as evidenced here.

Rowan Tells Fitz He's Just a Boy|Rowan lets Fitz know just how disappointing he is as a suitor for Olivia.|Rowan lets Fitz know just how disappointing he is as a suitor for Olivia. Watch this scene from Scandal Episode 310: A Door Marked Exit.



Goodbye Kiss: Rowan is eventually set free to continue doing his B-613 thing. As for Maya, her plane never made it to Hong Kong. It was found in Mongolia. The entire crew has been murdered. There’s no sign of Maya. She’s in the wind. Olivia believes someone will likely pay for what went down with her father. She tries to warn Jake. See what happens when she does so.

Jake Tells Olivia He Loves Her|Whatever happens next, Jake wants to make sure Liv knows he loved her.|Whatever happens next, Jake wants to make sure Olivia knows he loved her...and still does. Watch this scene from Scandal Episode 310: A Door Marked Exit.



GladiQuotes: Below are some of the top lines from "A Door Marked Exit." Let us know which ones were your favorites and, by all means, pop in any that we forgot in the comments section.

Sally: You are the burden that I carry on my back as I make my way toward salvation.

Huck: I did my job.

Fitz: Here’s the thing about power, Rowan, it’s always hard to accept when you’ve lost it.

Rowan: That’s a matter of national security and it’s above your pay grade, Mr. President.

David: Do you want to make sweet love to me and then make a mockery of my professional life?

Jake: Your father… He is not our hero. He is our demon.

Cyrus: The devil is at the top of his game.

Rowan: You… Are… A… Boy.

Rowan: You disappoint me as a suitor for my daughter’s hand.

Huck: Liv saves us and you betrayed her. You’re not a gladiator anymore.

Sally: Daniel Douglas is in Hell!

Leo Bergen: You kill somebody… you call me.

She Can Handle the Truth: Olivia uses the Fitz Phone when she realizes the president is holding her father in the basement of the Pentagon. She joins the two of them. She knows there was a bomb on the plane. Liv wants to hear the truth about what happened. Rowan/Eli/Command/Dad obliges.

Liv Gets the Truth from Rowan|Olivia gets an answer about Remington and her mother.|Olivia gets an answer about Remington and her mother. Watch this scene from Scandal Episode 310: A Door Marked Exit.





As much as Olivia wants her mother caught, it certainly won’t be easy. She has no idea where she is. We do though. Mama Maya calls a still-livid Liv from right outside the White House. She lets her little girl know she’ll see her real soon. As for the return of Scandal, that will come soon enough THURSDAY FEBRUARY 27 10|9c. Until then, catch up with full episodes and check back here for more sneak leaks soon.

Read the full recap for "A Door Marked Exit." See ya later, Gladiators!

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