Watch the 'Scandal High' Complete Series on Jimmy Kimmel

By Sarah Huggins | Nov 20th, 2015

For the past few weeks Jimmy Kimmel Live has been showing previously unaired episodes of the very first show Scandal created Shonda Rhimes ever made, a teen drama that actually starred many of the same actors who are now on Scandal. The final installment of the four part series "Scandal High" aired last night (NOVEMBER 19) with an especially emotional election day. See the surprising result of what happened when Izzy Langham (Portia de Rossi) challenged Hunter (Tony Goldwyn) on the big day in the finale episode above. Missed one of the four hilarious installments? Watch the entire four-part series below. 

VIDEO: "Scandal High" Episode 1

VIDEO: "Scandal High" Episode 2

VIDEO: "Scandal High" Episode 3