Preview the Scandal Season 2 DVD

By Alexis Johnson | Aug 27th, 2013

It's here! The Scandal Seson 2 DVD went on sale September 3, 2013 and you're now able to nonstop watch all your favorite moments. Olivia Pope gets back to saving lives—starting with OPA's own Quinn Perkins after her real identity is revealed. Seriously interesting cases roll through including a gathering of B613 spies and a tragic incident involving the governor who lost to Fitz in Ohio. Speaking of Ohio, there is a whole conspiracy around "Defiance" which is mind-blowing. The plot only thickens when President Fitz is shot and Vice President Sally Langston tries to take over the Oval Office. Huck goes through an experience he'll never shake and Harrison stands by to be "Olivia's Gladiator" no matter what. To protect those he holds dearest (including himself), Fitz does the unthinkable and then even more unthinkably ends things with Liv. Captain Jake Ballard enters our lives and Olivia's bedroom. David Rosen finds himself in the worst bind ever and Abby battles her feelings for him. Mellie wars with Cyrus for Fitz's trust. Trust is hard to come by in the White House when it's discovered there's a mole. The mystery gets deeper when shadowy power player "Rowan" shows up. Mellie reaches her limit with Fitz and Olivia and goes on national television. Olivia's secret is revealed and we learn an even bigger one about Rowan. And that's barely scratching the surface of Scandal Season 2! So we feel confident we can say these are 22 jam-packed episodes.

Also included on the DVD are exclusive, not-to-be-missed bonus features. See deleted scenes including Olivia, Fitz, Jake, Abby, Mellie, and Cyrus and watch Guillermo Diaz talk in depth about being his character Huck. Then you relax from all the action with the blooper reel—Gladiators know how to kick back and have some fun!

Order your copy of the Scandal Season 2 DVD today and enjoy a preview of bonus videos from the DVD below!

Deleted Scene:
Abby Confronts Olivia Pope


Bonus Feature:
Guillermo Diaz on Being Huck


Deleted Scene:
A Client Asks Olivia on a Date



Deleted Scene:
Verna Sees Fitz Kiss Olivia


Cast Bloopers!


 Deleted Scene:
Mellie's Angry Call to Cyrus


 Deleted Scene:
Olivia, Jake, and Fitz Finally Meet