Olivia Gives Fitz Startling News Before He Chooses The Next President
Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) knows Olivia (Kerry Washington) has come to advise him to choose Mellie as President. Olivia insists Mellie is what is best for the country. Fitz is not surprised by Olivia pushing for Mellie. What does surprise him is Olivia stating he cannot pick Cyrus because he tried to kill his way into the White House. Fitz demands proof not just Olivia's gut instinct. Olivia knows she is not wrong. Fitz reminds her millions of people voted for Frankie Vargas. Olivia says the king is dead and it's Fitz's word that can prevent Frankie's murderer from becoming the next President of the United States in this scene from 'Scandal' Season 6 Episode 1, 'Survival of the Fittest.' Watch the premiere of "Scandal: The Final Season" THURSDAY October 5th at 9|8c on ABC.

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