Mellie is Done with Olivia and Ready to Let Cyrus Win
Mellie (Bellamy Young) asks Olivia (Kerry Washington) if she had a hand in the demise of her relationship with Marcus. Mellie and Marcus split once he got the White House Press secretary job. Was Olivia responsible for getting him that job? Yes. Olivia owns up to her actions. She was trying to get Mellie the Oval and sacrifices, including Marcus, had to be made. Mellie is livid and says Olivia cannot be the one person who destroys every relationship she ever has. Mellie tells Olivia she is done with her and will accept an offer from Cyrus to be Vice President in this scene from 'Scandal' Season 6 Episode 2, 'Hardball.' Watch the premiere of "Scandal: The Final Season" THURSDAY October 5th at 9|8c on ABC.