Cyrus Believes America's Not Safe with Fitz
Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) confronts Cyrus (Jeff Perry) one on one about the investigation into the murder of Francisco Vargas. Fitz explains that if the investigation continues Cyrus will be found guilty and executed. However, Fitz offers an ultimatum, if Cyrus bows out the running for President he will drop the investigation. Cyrus makes his own offer, he'll withdraw from the running if Mellie does and let the country pick a new President. Fitz declines and Cyrus decides he is keeping this country telling Fitz, 'It's not safe with you' in this scene from 'Scandal' Season 6 Episode 3, 'Fates Worse Than Death.' Watch the premiere of "Scandal: The Final Season" THURSDAY October 5th at 9|8c on ABC.