Rowan Makes It Clear That No One Owns Him
Rowan (Joe Morton), also known as Eli, is ordered to frame Cyrus for the murder of President-elect Francisco "Frankie" Vargas in order to save his former love Sandra (Tonya Pinkins). He plants Jennifer Fields as a witness willing to state Cyrus killed Frankie. Rowan's plan works and he is able to secure Sandra's release. However, things take a turn when Rowan is seen by his blackmailers as property. They even go as far as accusing him of being weak. Rowan shows his blackmailers that he has no weaknesses and no one owns him in this scene from 'Scandal' Season 6 Episode 6, 'Extinction.' Watch the premiere of "Scandal: The Final Season" THURSDAY October 5th at 9|8c on ABC.