Mellie Explains the Three Stages of Being in a Relationship With Fitz
After a tumultuous fight with Fitz, Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) calls Mellie (Bellamy Young). He tells her Fitz does not respect him so he is quitting. Mellie is all too familiar with the feeling and explains he is in phase two of a relationship with Fitzgerald Grant. Mellie states stage one is when Fitz shows he's passionate and capable of conquering the world with you. During stage two you realize he is entitled, selfish and unmotivated. However, stage three is worth the suffering of stage two as you learn the magic Fitz has and the way the world responds. Mellie assures Marcus that Fitz is a golden ticket that belongs to him in this moment from 'Scandal' Season 7, Episode 3, 'Day 101.'