Scandal Pops: 'Day 101' Recap
Watch this recap of the top moments from 'Scandal' Season 7, episode 3, 'Day 101.' Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) asks Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) how he would like to have Olivia (Kerry Washington) featured in his Presidential library. Fitz cannot believe his Presidency is being reduced to him just being a man who loved a woman. After spending time with Fitz, Marcus finds him entitled and intolerable. Marcus states Fitz's accomplishments are actually Olivia's. He is close to quitting when Mellie (Bellamy Young) assures him he is just going through the stages of Fitz and the best part is yet to come. Meanwhile, Fitz gets a startling visit from Rowan (Joe Morton) who needs help trying to handle Olivia.