S1 E01 Where to Find Megalodon Teeth in North Carolina

01:23 | 09/11/18 | NR | CC

The North Carolina coast is known for many things but, for scuba divers, it is well known as a hot spot for finding giant prehistoric Megalodon teeth. "It's really rare," said Marine Biologist and owner of WB Diving, Chris Slog. "The teeth have been found all over the world, but not in the concentrations we're finding here." Divers have the most luck at Megalodon Tooth Ledges – 26 to 40 miles off the coast of Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina. That's where they can find teeth of these prehistoric Megalodon sharks, which went extinct about two million years ago. Teeth measuring more than six inches are valuable, some worth thousands of dollars. For more episodes of Secretly Awesome, visit Localish.com.

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