S1 E09 Take a Tour of Reedley, California's Luffa Gardens

02:00 | 09/11/18 | NR | CC

People are amazed when they're told luffa sponges are not grown in the ocean. What they initially thought was "an ugly old gourd" has grown into a big business for Nathan and Sherri Pauls – who now turn these cucumbers into sponges for a living. Nathan and Sherri grow and sell organic Luffa sponges and make handmade Luffa soap at their farm in Reedley, California. Their farm contains plants that grow luffa gourds that mature into sponges. Get an inside look at how their all-natural luffa sponges are made. You never know what you'll find in your own backyard! For more episodes of Secretly Awesome, visit Localish.com.

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