S1 E04 The Sister

03/16/15 | TV-14 | CC

On his run, Ben hears loud music coming from the Daly house. He also sees the Richardsons arguing. Noticing the cut on Ben’s forehead, Dr. Richardson invites Ben to drop by his office. Returning home, Ben sees Natalie and apologizes. She speaks to him for a moment, but when he inquires about Dave, she gets upset. Cornell drops by the house – for once it’s not for Ben, but for Natalie. With Christy and Ben present, it is revealed two nights before Tom was killed, Natalie was supposed to be babysitting him. Instead, she had Vanessa watch him and went to a concert with Cooper.

Ben goes to the Richardson home to speak with Vanessa, who is visibly upset. On her coffee table sits a ragged stuffed bunny, which he recognizes from Tom’s shrine. When he mentions it, Vanessa reasons it wasn’t supposed to be there, as it was her son Malcolm's. Vanessa shows Ben photos of her son and leaves the room for a beverage. With Vanessa out of the room, he discovers a photo of a badly bruised Malcolm, as well as a police report.   Later, Ben investigates the Richardsons, discovering they changed their last name.  He also learns the doctor had been fired from his job for sexual misconduct.

Speaking to an officer at the station about his discovery, Cornell accuses Ben of going around her.  She reveals to him that Natalie wasn’t at the concert with Cooper – and that he should talk to his friend Dave. Ben pays a visit to Dave, who is staying at his mother’s. Their meeting is cold and Ben inquires about Dave taking Natalie to the concert. Dave explains he bought the tickets for them and when Cooper flaked at the last minute, he only attended to make sure she was safe. When Ben presses Dave on what else he told Cornell, Dave is insulted and kicks Ben out.

When Vanessa invites Christy and Ben over for dinner, Ben refuses, but changes his mind. At dinner, he slips away to do snoop around. When he is caught, he accuses Joseph of being Tom’s killer and storms out. Christy follows her husband home – as does Vanessa. She explains Malcolm had undiagnosed hemophilia and was bruising for months. The doctor at the hospital thought they were abusing him and called the police, who put him in a group home where he was beaten. What Ben saw was their evidence to help get him back, but it was too late: he died two weeks before the hearing. When Ben probes about the sexual misconduct charge, Vanessa remains mum about it, as it has nothing to do with Ben’s son.

At breakfast the next morning, Natalie comes downstairs, placing her pregnancy test in front of Ben and the family. She is not pregnant. When her parents reprimand her, she shoots back that they had her at a young age. Ben admits fault and lectures his daughter in a loving way, softening up not only Natalie but Christy too. Natalie explains that nothing happened with Dave – after all, he is like an uncle to her.

Later, Fenton reveals information he dug up about the Richardsons, thanks to Ben providing him with details earlier. When Fenton shows him an article about the Richardsons, Ben comes to the realization that he is a reporter – and Ben is his unnamed source. Realizing he made a huge mistake, Ben frantically goes to their home to warn them, but no one is there. He leaves a voicemail, apologizing profusely.

Returning home, Ben finds Dave moving his things out of the guest house. When he apologizes to his friend, he gives Ben a list of demands in order to receive forgiveness. It’s a long list and they all consist of beer. It’s clear things between Dave and Ben will be back to normal. When Dave leaves, Cornell appears and informs Ben that the Richardsons are gone. She also reveals Ben called Jess the night of Tom’s murder, a fact he doesn’t recall. He didn’t end up calling Jess exactly; instead, he called a random person named Sarah Jenkins who has a similar number, leaving a highly suspicious-sounding message for Jess.  

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