S1 E05 The Jacket

03/22/15 | TV-14 | CC

Ben and Christy share a heated intimate moment, leaving him hopeful about the state of their relationship. He calls Dave to inquire if Ben had called Jess while they were together that night at the bar. Dave can’t remember anything from that evening. Ben overhears Christy on the phone. When he inquires who it is, she downplays it as just a client. Christy leaves and Natalie points out that she left her wedding ring on the stand, leaving Ben confused.

Spotting Matt walking alone outside, Ben calls out to him. Hearing Ben, he runs into the woods, with Ben chasing him. Matt falls but continues running, dropping a blue jacket stained with blood – the same one Cornell questioned Dave about. He makes it to the river and drops his computer in. Ben assists him home when it begins to rain. Matt doesn’t like getting wet at all. Luckily, Matt’s mother Lisa comes to the rescue with an umbrella. Ben mentions the blue jacket to her, but she brushes it off. When Ben goes back to the woods, the jacket is gone.

Ben tells Cornell about the jacket, but she’s not interested. Upon returning home, Kevin Williams confronts Ben about accusing everyone in the neighborhood. Ben returns to the woods only to bump into Tyler, Matt’s brother, smoking. He has visible cuts on his hands. He’s supposed to be at school, but according to him, plans changed. Ben brings up the encounter to Dave who divulges that Tyler used to be an addict. The information has Ben suspect Tyler as the killer.

Abby gets turned away from a classmate’s party as repercussion for what happened at the winter fair. The next morning, Christy’s car is vandalized, with the word “Guilty” written on the side of it. When Ben inspects the car, he finds a cigarette on the floor. He goes to the Daly house and informs Lisa, who denies Tyler is home.  When he insists her son is in town, she dismisses him. Later, Ben asks Natalie about Tyler. She has nothing bad to say about him and is convinced he didn’t do anything to Tom.

On his way out to run, Ben sees a trail of blood on the sidewalk and goes to investigate. The blood leads to his garage, with more splattered on the door. Opening the garage door, he discovers dozens of flashlights carefully placed in rows on the floor.  He looks on in shock. Cornell appears behind him, responding to a text he sent her. When he tells her he didn’t send it, she asks him to step away, as it is a crime scene. While Ben shrugs it off as a juvenile prank, Cornell takes the situation seriously, calling it an act of vandalism and considering it a threat. She tells him to watch his back.

Ben wants to talk to Matt, but Lisa refuses to let him. After hearing commotion upstairs, he barges into Matt’s room. Seeing Ben in his room, Matt starts to have a violent episode that escalates. Tyler appears and attempts to calm his brother down. Ben is positive Matt killed Tom. When he threatens to call the police, Lisa is willing to talk. She initially tries to cover for Tyler, but he reveals it all: he crashed his car while drunk and is in hiding, with help from Lisa. Tired of not owning up to his mistakes, he takes responsibility by calling the cops, who are on their way to get him.

Convinced that Matt killed Tom, Ben goes to Cornell. She tells him he is losing his mind. It couldn’t have been Matt as it was raining the night of the murder. According to Lisa, Matt hates the rain and won’t go outside if it’s raining. Also, his GPS bracelet shows he was at home sleeping at the time of the murder. Later, Cornell comes to the Crawfords’ door with their vandal: Natalie’s boyfriend, Cooper. Cooper confesses to tagging their fence and messing up Christy’s car. When Natalie inquires why, he says he was angry at Ben for not allowing him to see her and he apologizes.

With Cooper’s confession, Ben assumes the ordeal is over, but Cornell thinks otherwise, as the flashlight incident is unrelated. The culprit is someone who knows him or at least someone who thinks they know him. After turning his car on, Ben receives a threatening text from an anonymous sender. His car suddenly turns off on its own, making it clear that someone is definitely watching him closely.

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