S1 E06 The Confession

03/29/15 | TV-14 | CC

In the aftermath of his truck incident, Ben is safely out, but not before he had to break the window to do so. Cornell informs him that someone hacked the security system – this is someone highly skilled. They also weren’t able to trace the real source text she received from his number. Ben has a stalker and Cornell offers to assign a police detail to him. He declines, reasoning she wants to follow him around so she can send him to prison. Dave voices concern over Ben’s safety and Christy surprisingly agrees with him. When Ben tells Christy he thinks Kevin may be his stalker, she encourages him to talk to him first.

Ben heads to the Williams’ house and encounters Elaine. When he asks for Kevin, Elaine speaks her mind about her opinion of Ben. When the conversation gets heated, Kevin appears and confronts Ben.  Ben tells Kevin he knows it was him; Kevin responds saying he knows it was Ben. Cornell, Christy and a police detail interrupt their conversation, with Cornell insisting on protection for his family.

Meanwhile, Ben continues to receive texts from himself, the latest a video of him sleeping in his room along with incriminating audio of his conversation with Dave about the flashlight. When Dave advises to show Cornell, Ben panics and the two inspect his room. Calling on Cornell, her team finds a military-grade covert camera. In order to find out if there are more hidden away, authorities have to search his whole house. He voluntarily leaves to stay at Dave’s so that the police won’t follow him and the family will be safe with the detail.

At Dave’s, Ben confides in him about when everything changed between him and Christy. It was six years ago when she had the abortion. When she returned home, he was upset at her, so she took Natalie and Abby with her to Michael’s. It was Fourth of July weekend and a solo Ben attended the Williams’ barbecue, where he ended up cheating on Christy with Jess. There’s a knock on Dave’s door it’s Jess. When Ben dismisses her kindness, she storms out. He runs after her, but he’s too late so he returns to Dave’s. Before he can open the front door, a figure puts a gun to Ben’s head. It’s his stalker, Kevin.

In an abandoned warehouse, Ben is tied to a dolly with his head covered and wearing headphones blasting heavy metal music. Kevin takes the cover off of Ben’s head and douses him with water. He terrorizes Ben while questioning him, trying to scare him into confessing. It’s revealed that Kevin stopped liking Ben on Independence Day six years prior, the day he caught Ben and Jess having sex all those years ago. As a former military man, he was enraged that Ben cheated with the spouse of a soldier fighting for our country. Kevin admits to stalking Ben, as he is positive he is Tom’s killer.

Kevin continues to terrorize Ben, making it clear he is upset that he slept with a soldier’s wife. When he subconsciously says Elaine’s name, Ben points it out to him. It becomes clear that Elaine cheated on him while he was in Kuwait. Furious, Kevin forces Ben outside at gunpoint and orders him to dig his own grave. Ben takes the opportunity to momentarily escape from his captor, grabbing Kevin’s cell phone. When he is finally able to get service, he asks for Cornell but is caught by Kevin before he could get help.

While Ben continues to dig the grave, Kevin insists on forcing Ben to confess to killing Tom. Ben tells him he’d rather be shot than confessing to killing his own son. Before he can pull the trigger, Cornell arrives and orders him to put down the gun. Kevin is taken into custody. After a brief chat, Ben realizes Cornell knew all along that Kevin was Ben’s stalker, but it’s clear she still suspects him as the killer. Upon Ben’s arrival home, the family and Dave welcome him back with open arms – even Natalie is being nice. Shaken, Ben doesn’t find himself hungry, despite his family’s warm welcome. Dave follows his friend outside and offers him words of comfort. Ben confides in Dave about feeling ashamed that Tom was killed and he turned himself into a victim.

Later that night, he opens an email from Fenton, who has been trying to contact him since the incident with the Richardsons. Opening the email, it is an article targeting the Crawford women. Furious, Ben goes to Fenton’s house and greets him with a punch to the face. Fenton explains himself, telling him he just wanted to get his attention. Fenton wants Ben’s help in bringing Cornell down. 

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