S1 E01 Episode 101

08/08/09 | TV-PG | CC

ENTREPRENEUR: Tod Wilson, from Somerset, New Jersey.

PITCH: Tod owns Mr. Tod's Pie Factory, a wholesale and retail bakery, and wants to grow his business.

ASKING FOR: $460K in return for a 10% stake, so he can outfit a production facility.

BEST PART OF THE PITCH: Tod tearfully explains that he started off to big, too soon six years ago and ended up living in his car. But, undaunted, he regrouped and got his business off the ground again.

THE SHARKS BITE WHEN: Tod reveals McDonald's wants to open a kiosk with his pies in their stores. Three sharks are out, but Barbara and Daymond offer to go in, in exchange for 50% of the company.

RESULT: Tod accepts.

WANT TO KNOW MORE: Visit whybake.com.

UPDATE: Since making a deal with Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran and Kevin Harrington, Tod Wilson's company, Mr. Tod's Pie Factory, has tripled its business, opened a new retail location and sold tens of thousands of pies on QVC.

ENTREPRENEUR: Darren Johnson

PITCH: The Ionic Ear, a Bluetooth device that's implanted surgically into the customer's neck. Yes, you read that correctly—their neck.

ASKING FOR: $1 million for 15% stake in ownership.

CREEPIEST PART OF THE PITCH: The implant would be charged each night by shoving a Q-tip-sized needle into your ear.

DO THE SHARKS BITE? Barbara sums it up best: "I'm out. This is the weirdest damn thing I ever heard!" Darren is laughed out of the room by all five of them.

ENTREPRENEUR: Kevin Flannery, from Cary, North Carolina.

PITCH: WiSpots, a hospital waiting room "interaction center" containing five wireless web pads for surfing the Internet.
ASKING FOR: $1.2 million in return for a 10% stake in the company.

SADDEST PART OF THE PITCH: This former Marine explains that he was forced to put his home up for sale after funding his business through repeated mortgages, cashing out his kids' college funds and maxing out his credit cards.

DO THE SHARKS BITE? All five of them explain to Kevin that he's ruining his life. Robert says, "You always have to save your money so you don't put your family at risk." Kevin leaves with no offer.

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ENTREPRENEUR: Tiffany Krumins, from Auburn, Georgia.

PITCH: Emmy The Elephant, an oral medicine dropper for kids stylized as a playful elephant that talks.

ASKING FOR: $50K for 15% stake in her company.

BEST PART OF THE PITCH: Tiffany explains she's a Nanny for a boy named Gibby who has Down Syndrome. She came up with the prototype for Emmy to make taking medicine more fun for Gibby.

DO THE SHARKS BITE? Four of them pass, because they think she'll be able to sell Emmy on her own. But Barbara believes she and Tiffany can make money on the product. She offers her the $50K for a 55% stake in the business.

RESULT: Tiffany takes the offer, saying,"[Barbara's] mentorship is gonna be the best part!

WANT TO KNOW MORE: Visit www.avatheelephant.com/.

ENTREPRENURS: Nick Friedman & Omar Soliman

PITCH: These owners of the junk collection chain College Hunks Hauling Junk want to branch out with new company College Foxes Packing Boxes.

ASKING FOR: $250K for 25% equity in College Foxes Packing Boxes.

DO THE SHARKS BITE? Not unless the guys give up a percentage of their proven successful business, College Hunks, which had sales of $500K last year and netted 25% profit. Finally, with four sharks out, Robert offers to go in for 50% ownership of Foxes and 10% of Hunk for $250.

RESULT: Nick and Omar decide they put too much hard work into Hunks and turn Robert down.

WANT TO KNOW MORE: Visit www.collegefoxes.com.

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