S1 E05 Episode 105

09/05/09 | TV-PG | CC


ENTREPRENEUR: Cactus Jack, from Iowa.

PITCH: Body Jac, a fitness machine with a series of bands that are different weights, to make pushups easier.

$180K for a 20% stake in his business.

BEST PART OF HIS PITCH: Explains that he's always been a risk taker, and has sold 10 million products. He also says he was a millionaire by the time he was 32, flat broke by the time he was 38 but that he got back up and started again.

THE SHARKS BITE WHEN: He's made $7 million off another product. Plus, his body builder daughter demonstrates the Body Jac for the Sharks. Kevin Harrington sees the potential, and offers to put up $90K for 50% of the company. But he says Jack needs to convince another Shark to go in with the other $90K, or his deal is off the table. Barbara offers the $90K on the condition that Jack loses 30 lbs. himself using his product. Daymond says he'll put up the full $180K, but wants 50% of the entire Cactus Jack company, not just the Body Jac.

RESULT: Jack accepts Kevin Harrington and Barbara's offer.

WANT TO KNOW MORE: Visit www.bodyjac.com.


UPDATE: A short time ago, Barbara and Kevin O. made an offer to a guy named Cactus Jack for his push-up machine called the Body Jac. The deal was contingent on jack using his new machine to drop 30 pounds. Kevin O. was a bit cynical (we know – surprise, surprise) regarding Jack's chances of fulfilling such a weighty request.

Kevin H. brings in a doctor's scale for their New York meeting. A noticeably slimmed down Cactus Jack steps onto the scale and makes the mark. The deal is a go. Celebrity fitness guru Kiana Tom will star in the infomercial Kevin H. will produce and Barbara has message for Kevin O., who doubted Cactus Jack. She says, "Eat your heart out. Look at him now. ''m gonna be laughing all the way to the bank."


PITCH: Face Blok, a line of fashionable surgical masks designed to "take something sterile and uninteresting" and fuse it with something fun. She just has the prototype, and needs the money to make the medically-approved masks.

ASKING FOR: $50K for a 30% stake in his business.

BEST PART OF HER PITCH: She reveals the head of the American Pediatric Board contacted her and says the masks, some of which have a pig snout and a jawbone on them, are genius. Also, one week after launching the masks, she got a mention on FOX News and in the Sydney Morning Herald.

DO THE SHARKS BITE? No. Irena says that her target audience is people who dare to express themselves and have an edgy sense of humor, but "that's clearly not the Sharks."

WANT TO KNOW MORE: Visit www.creativeblok.com.




ENTREPRENEUR: Jeff Cohen, from Stevenson Ranch, California.

PITCH: Granola Gourmet, energy bars "for athletes, diabetics and you."

ASKING FOR: $175K for a 25% stake in his business.

FATAL MISTAKE OF THE PITCH: Jeff, a diabetic who came up with the idea for his healthy energy bars with his family's help, admits that he can't get a bank loan to fund his company because he previously had a software company that went bankrupt.

DO THE SHARKS BITE? No. Despite the fact that 24 Whole Foods stores in Southern California carry the bars, Kevin O'Leary tells Jeff that he's "radioactive" to him, because he filed for bankruptcy.

WANT TO KNOW MORE: Visit www.granolagourmet.com.



PITCH: Good Grief Celebrations, a funeral concierge service that writes the eulogy, officiates the funeral service and handles all the post-funeral family gatherings.

ASKING FOR: $50K for 25%

HER PITCH GOES SOUTH WHEN: Rikki says she goes into hospices with a comforting dog for the patients, then hands out her business cards. She admits she's just waiting for people to die. She explains that she came up with the idea for the business when her own mother passed away, and threw a party to celebrate her life, complete with a DJ and an open bar.

DO THE SHARKS BITE? No. Kevin O'Leary points out that the reason Rikki only made $11K in sales so far is because she doesn't own a funeral home, which should be an essential part to her business.

WANT TO KNOW MORE: Visit www.goodgriefcelebrations.com.


ENTREPRENEURS: Rodolfo and Alexis Saccoman.

PITCH: My Therapy Journal, a website that helps people guage their emotions online.

ASKING FOR: $80K for a 20% stake in their business.

THEIR PITCH GOES WOBBLY WHEN: Rodolfo and Alexis admit that they only made about $4,000 last year, and only 1,120 people have signed up so far. That said, there's a free trial period, and they really only have about 120 paying users.

THE SHARKS BITE WHEN: The Brazilian-born brothers explain that they're in talks with Aetna health insurance. Robert and Kevin O'Leary, who have a background dealing with the Internet, offer the $80K for a 51% stake. Daymond wants in on their deal, but Robert and Kevin decide they don't need Daymond, since he doesn't know anything about making money off the Internet. Daymond then turns around and makes the brothers a deal of $120K for a 50% stake.

RESULT: In the end, Rodolfo and Alexis accept Robert and Kevin O.'s offer, because of their Internet experience.

WANT TO KNOW MORE: Visit www.MyTherapyJournal.com.

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