S6 E21 Week 20: Coco Jack, BedRyder, Frill Clothing, and the Twin Z Pillow

03/06/15 | TV-PG | CC

Custom recruitment clothing for sororities; tool for opening a Thai coconut and extracting the meat.

PITCH: Coco Jack

About the Company: Open coconuts safely in seconds!

Learn More: Visit www.coco-jack.com

PITCH: BedRyder

About the Company: The BedRyder product is a removable seating system that allows you to quickly and safely add passenger seating to your pick-up truck. BedRyder transforms any truck into an SUV or a TUV (truck utility vehicle) as we like to call it.

Learn More: Visit www.bedryder.com

PITCH: Frill Clothing

About the Company: Frill Clothing designs sorority recruitment clothing with charity in mind! They are a one-stop shop for sorority girls and donate a portion of each sorority's proceeds to the charity of their choice. In addition to making sorority recruitment products, Frill designs trendy bridesmaid outfits and monogrammed products!

Learn More: Visit www.frillclothing.com

PITCH: The Twin Z Pillow

About the Company: The Twin Z Pillow is a 6 in 1 pillow designed specifically for moms and dads of multiples! The Twin Z Pillow can be used for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, tummy time, support, toddler time, pregnancy pillow and is excellent for infants with reflux. The patented design has an amazing back support unlike any other pillow on the market. The back support allows moms to nurse or bottle feed babies in complete comfort! Feeding two babies at one time with the Twin Z Pillow can reduce feeding times by half, which allows moms to have more time in their busy twin days!

Learn More: Visit www.twinznursingpillow.com

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