S6 E22 Week 21: Echo Valley Meats, EmazingLights, AquaVault, and Naja

03/13/15 | TV-PG | CC

A cattleman gets another chance to pitch his gourmet meat business; lingerie sewn by women in need.

PITCH: Echo Valley Meats

About the Company: Echo Valley Meats is a retail, online gift catalog and catering company and is quickly becoming a household name. Premium meats, smoked hams, and award winning sausages make personal and corporate gift giving easy and full of flavor.

Learn More: Visit www.echovalleymeats.com

PITCH: EmazingLights

About the Company: EmazingLights is pioneering the new Gloving Movement into a skillful expression of art, along with iHeartRaves, which provides wildly unique festival fashion for Raves, Festivals & Beyond.

Learn More: Visit www.emazinglights.com

PITCH: AquaVault

About the Company: When you’re enjoying the beach or lounging by the pool, the last thing you want to worry about is where to put your valuables. The AquaVault® portable outdoor safe was designed to answer the question, "where do I put my valuables at the beach?" The AquaVault® is the simple and effective solution for anyone who wants to enjoy their time in the sun, without getting burned. AquaVault® not only attaches to roughly 95% of lounge chairs, but it also works on baby strollers, golf carts, bikes, boats and more.

Learn More: Visit www.theaquavault.com


About the Company: Naja makes lingerie for smart, courageous women. We started with a vision: to empower women and create a culture where women help each other. Our underwear is characterized by unexpected attention to detail but, brought to you at fair prices. All Naja lingerie is made by single mothers or women heads of household so every purchase you make helps a woman help herself.

Learn More: Visit www.naja.co

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