S6 E26 Week 25: ZinePak, SnagaStool, Buck Mason, Noene USA

04/24/15 | TV-PG | CC

Collectibles for super fans of celebrities; a mobile app for reserving a barstool on busy nights.


PITCH: ZinePak

About the Company: ZinePak partners with the world’s top brands, entertainers, and properties to make irresistible content to activate SuperFans.

Learn More: Visit www.zinepak.com

PITCH: SnagaStool

About the Company:

Jamie Manning and Adriano Varassin founded SnagaStool so they could reserve bar stools for big games right from their phone. SnagaStool has since grown into a simple bar stool and table reservation solution for all events in pubs. 

Learn More: Visit snagastool.com

PITCH: Buck Mason

About the Company:

Buck Mason makes high-quality men’s clothing in the USA. They design timeless, functional pieces, like their signature perfect fit tees and quintessential blue jeans, which will outlive trends and age beautifully.

Learn More: Visit buckmason.com


About the Company:

NOENE is a shock absorbing and dispersing material, cut into "under-insoles" that are thinner than a dime! At just 1mm thick (thinner than a dime) wearers will not notice a different fit to their sports sneakers, but will notice the difference in protection with NOENE. 

Learn More: Visit noeneusa.com

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