S6 E27 Week 26: Zero Pollution Motors, The Paleo Diet Foods, World Record Striper Company, Frameri

05/01/15 | TV-PG | CC

Pat Boone and a man from Vermont present a new eco-friendly car that runs on compressed air.


PITCH: Zero Pollution Motors

About the Company: Gasoline is already the fuel of the past. Electric cars have different problems, such as price and batteries, which are inefficient and require a long charging time. Zero Pollution Motors LLC (ZPM) predicts air compression to be one of the next great disruptive technologies of our time. ZPM is poised to produce the first compressed air powered vehicles, called Airpods, for sale in the United States. With this first US plant, ZPM will be leading the way to the next revolution in the automotive industry.

Learn More: Visit zeropollutionmotors.us

PITCH: The Paleo Diet Foods

About the Company: The Paleo Diet™ Bar is a superior nutrition bar that is gluten, soy, dairy and preservative free that is made entirely of fruits, nuts, seeds, berries and protein. It contains egg protein, which is a source of all nine amino acids that can only be derived from food. With Dr. Cordain's exclusive endorsement, Paleo Diet Foods, LLC presents The Paleo Diet™ Bar, a food bar high in the beneficial nutrients that he recommends in some of his bestselling books, The Paleo Answer, The Paleo Diet™ Cookbook and The Paleo Diet™ for Athletes.

Learn More: Visit thepaleodietbar.com

PITCH: World Record Striper Company

About the Company: Started in 2011 by three-time world record Striped Bass angler Greg Myerson, the World Record Striper Company manufacturers and sells the same science-based fishing tackle Myerson used to land each of his monster fish. The company sells sinkers, floats, jigs and bucktails which incorporate Myerson's patent-pending Rattle sound that attracts big fish from a variety of species by mimicking the sound of one of the favorite foods: crustaceans.

Learn More: Visit worldrecordstripercompany.com

PITCH: Frameri

About the Company: Frameri answers the question, "Why aren't your glasses as flexible as the rest of your wardrobe?" With Frameri interchangeable frames and lenses, you can change your glasses as easily as you change your outfit. Now you can buy the optical or sun lenses with or without prescription and snap them into the frames you want, saving you money and removing the stress of feeling stuck in just one pair. To get started, all you have to do is go to our website, pick the lens shape that works best for you, and choose from a variety of premium Italian frames that fit that shape. This means you can continue to add new frames and lenses whenever you want and for the first time build a collection as flexible as the rest of your wardrobe. 

Learn More: Visit frameri.com

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