S7 E03 Episode 3

10/09/15 | TV-PG | CC

Troy Carter enters the Tank as a Guest Shark. A duo from Dallas, Texas pitch their eclectic sock of the month club subscription while standing in their boxer shorts, but will Sharks jump in feet first? Two men from Tulsa, Oklahoma offer the Sharks an investment opportunity in their unique line of wooden bowties, lapel accessories and men’s fedoras; an entrepreneur from Springdale, Maryland has a valet and garage parking app that enables users to pay in advance by credit card; and Nashville-based parents tout the benefits of their grippy balm that keeps eyeglasses from slipping.


PITCH: Foot Cardigan

About the Company: Foot Cardigan delivers fantastically fantastic socks to mailboxes all over the world every month. We design socks for men and women, and our Whippersnappers line is just for kids. The best part? Every month is a surprise — so you never know what kind of socks you'll get. Maybe a pair of polka dot socks will arrive at your door. Or maybe you'll get robot socks, or ones with tiny pink elephants on them. Whatever you get, you're sure to be pleased as punch.

Learn More: Visit www.footcardigan.com


PITCH: Two Guys Bow Ties

About the Company: Two Guys Bow Ties is an innovative and trendsetting brand dedicated to bringing old school craftsmanship to modern style. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Adam Teague and Tim Paslay designed several lines of wooden men's accessories including: Wood-Brimmed Fedoras, Wooden Bow Ties, Lapel Flowers, Pocket Squares, and Beard Care Products. The duo shares a love of working with their hands, an interest in impeccable menswear, and reinventing wood as a striking material in the fashion industry.

Learn More: Visit www.woodenbowties.com


PITCH: ValPark

About the Company: ValPark offers a full service mobile solution for managing your onsite parking operations including cash, mobile, and credit card transactions. In addition, it allows users to find and pay for valet and garage parking as well as requesting their vehicles when they are ready to leave. 

Learn More: Visit www.valparkmobile.com


PITCH: Nerdwax

About the Company: Don and Lydia Hejny live in Nashville, TN with their three beautiful children Dia, Asaiah, and Luci. They launched Nerdwax via Kickstarter in April of 2014 and raised more than 10 times their initial fundraising goal. Nerdwax is a beeswax based blend of All Natural and Certified Organic Ingredients specially formulated to keep your glasses and sunglasses in place while you live your life. 

Learn More: Visit www.nerdwax.com

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