S7 E08 Episode 8

11/13/15 | TV-PG | CC

This special episode features all millennial entrepreneurs. A man from New York City hopes to win over the Sharks with a product he believes is essential in every college dorm room; two Harvard grads have developed a special formula to transform shrunken sweaters back to their original sizes and a surfer dude from Newport Beach, California surprises the Sharks with a lucrative proposition. Also, Sharks Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, and Daymond John go to the White House to meet President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, where Daymond John is honored with a Presidential Ambassadorship.


PITCH: AfreSHeet

About the Company: AfreSHeet is the world’s first and only fitted sheet with seven soft, waterproof peel away layers. If you soil the sheet, INSTANTLY peel away that layer to reveal a new one below.

Learn More: Visit AfreSHeet.com


PITCH: Unshrinkit

About the Company: Unshrinkit is the emergency sweater saver. Its patent-pending solution unshrinks shrunken wool clothing. Each bottle of Unshrinkit is hand safe, color safe, and sweater safe. Unshrinkit helps rescue cashmere, wool and wool blend garments that fell victim to a washer or dryer mistake.

Learn More: Visit www.unshrinkit.com


PITCH: Grip Clean

About the Company: Grip Clean is an all-natural industrial strength hand soap that was created by three-time XGames medalist Bryce Hudson. It is the world's first ever soap to contain dirt in it, as dirt is the best substance in the world at absorbing chemicals, oil, grease, and toxins. But on top of that, it acts as an exfoliant to your skin. So it is able to go deep into the pores of your hand, grab and hold onto that grease that would normally remain, and rinse clean.

Learn More: Visit www.GripClean.com


PITCH: PolarPro

About the Company: PolarPro is a leading manufacturer of adventure-inspired accessories for GoPros, drones, and cell phones. PolarPro's products are designed to make documenting your life easier than ever. From action cameras to drones, PolarPro designs products to help capture the most epic content possible.

Learn More: Visit www.polarprofilters.com

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