S7 E11 Episode 11

12/11/15 | TV-PG | CC

A Christmas-decorating aficionado from Grand Haven, Michigan has a high-tech way to deck the halls with his animated glow balls and synchronized musical trees; a Los Angeles entrepreneur has whimsical knit hats, complete with detachable facemask, transforming wearers into santas, vikings, trolls and other characters; two Harvard grads from Boston, Massachusetts have a line of ornate, pop-up greeting cards for all occasions; and two women from Philadelphia, PA demonstrate their all-natural deodorant made from activated charcoal. Plus, Daymond John gives a workshop to the principals of four of his companies – Bombas Socks, Sunstaches, Myself Belts and Cozy Bugs – and brings out chef Rocco DiSpirito to provide some delicious inspiration.


PITCH: GeekMyTree

About the Company: GeekMyTree, located in Grand Haven, Michigan, produces innovative, high-quality holiday decorations that bring the fun and excitement of extreme outdoor light shows inside to the family Christmas tree. The company's premiere product is Animated GlowBalls, featuring a wide spectrum of colors that dance across the tree. Over 100 patterns are available with more coming. Animated GlowBalls are available in sets of 80 or 160 lights. Their unique design allows for brilliant colors that shine in 360 degrees. From box to light show takes about 10 minutes.

Learn More: Visit www.geekmytree.com


PITCH: Beard Head

About the Company: Beard Head is a novelty headwear brand specializing in fun and functional hats and beanies with hand-knit detachable beard facemasks. Beard Head’s award winning beanie designs are sold in hundreds of stores worldwide, and have been featured in major magazines, newspapers, TV shows, and even a feature film! The company is based in Los Angeles, CA, where they are constantly working on new designs, finding fun new beard styles, and discovering innovative materials to make the next great Beard Head!

Learn More: Visit www.beardhead.com


PITCH: Lovepop

About the Company: More than just a greeting card, our signature lovepops are an unexpected gift. Each card features an intricate laser-cut, hand-crafted 3D pop-up sculpture that redefines expectations for what can be sent in an envelope. Go ahead, tell them you really care. Send a lovepop.

Learn More: Visit lovepopcards.com


PITCH: PiperWai

About the Company: PiperWai is a uniquely effective natural deodorant for both men and women. Created by two best friends in Philadelphia, PiperWai's innovative charcoal formula is tough on stink and gentle on sensitive skin, making die-hard converts from even the most active individuals who swore they could never give up their clinical strength antiperspirant. With PiperWai, natural deodorant doesn’t have to stink!

Learn More: Visit www.piperwai.com

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