S7 E15 Episode 15

01/29/16 | TV-PG | CC

A college student from Las Vegas, NV who earned a perfect SAT score wants to expand his business to help others increase their test scores, but can he deliver a perfect pitch to the Sharks? Husband and wife exercise enthusiasts from Jenison, MI believe they have created the ideal sports bra that women have long been looking for; two millennials from Denver, CO want to sell the sharks on a high-tech backpack company but plan on keeping their lucrative other backpack company for themselves; and a serial entrepreneur and his two business partners from Bixby, OK have invested a staggering amount on a cooling appliance for outdoor use. Also, an update on Pat Crowley from Salt Lake City, UT and his energy bars fortified with protein from crickets, Chapul Cricket Bars, in which Mark Cuban invested in during Season 5.


PITCH: Shefit®

About the Company: Shefit® is a performance enhancing women's Active Apparel Company with an emphasis on fully custom adjustable sports bras for women of all sizes and athletic levels. Shefit was created to encourage every woman that wants to be active, to be active and take charge of her workout, all while feeling supported no matter her bra size. From petite to plus, athlete to weekend warrior, Shefit® gives women the confidence they need to get the best workout possible, at any stage of her fitness journey. With the first ever fully adjustable, patented sports bra, we are committed to designing active lifestyle apparel for real women with a focus on what matters most – fit, support, and comfort.

Learn More: Visit www.shefit.com



About the Company: It’s simple. CO.ALITION bags combine stylish modern design with integrated smart mobile tech. We give you brains and beauty by integrating smart Power and a Wireless Hard Drive into elegant and functional lifestyle backpacks. With CO.ALITION backpacks, you can charge all of your USB devices, access files, back up your photos, or watch movies - no matter where you are. We are the only proven Smartpacks on the market.

Learn More: Visit www.co-alition.com


PITCH: IcyBreeze

About the Company: IcyBreeze was introduced to the public in July of 2014 and continues to change the way people deal with the heat. The IcyBreeze is the world's only personal portable air conditioner and cooler with a built in rechargeable battery. The IcyBreeze blows cold, dry air up to 35 degrees below the outside temperature and up to 25 miles per hour. This unit is the perfect companion for camping, boating, youth sports, tailgating, travel, emergency relief, aviation, and numerous other applications. The IcyBreeze can run off the built in rechargeable battery, or it can be powered by 12 volt power or a 110 volt wall outlet. Being hot is uncomfortable, and thanks to IcyBreeze, being hot is unnecessary. Prices start at $199.00.

Learn More: Visit www.icybreeze.com


PITCH: 2400 Expert

About the Company: 2400 Expert is a test preparation company that offers 6-week SAT and ACT prep courses in 20 cities and online. 2400 Expert offers 100 strategies developed by a perfect score SAT student, double the course hours at half the price with top instructors, and most importantly an industry-leading average SAT score improvement of 368 points. Many of our students have received admission into Ivy League schools, won millions in college scholarships, and some have even gotten perfect SAT scores themselves!

Learn More: Visit www.2400expert.com

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