S7 E17 Episode 17

02/12/16 | TV-PG | CC

An entrepreneur from Philadelphia hopes the Sharks don’t take a bite out of him while pitching a smart plate containing food-recognition technology that could solve all your dieting problems; two energetic women from Minneapolis, MN and Waco, TX have created a sweetener that tastes just like honey, but not made by bees. The Sharks crack up at the sight of a Houston, TX-based entrepreneur’s unique spa business for babies; and a perhaps too-confident Stanford grad from San Francisco, CA believes he’s at the forefront of where high tech meets fashion for men’s custom shirts. In a follow-up on Ilumi, the company in which Mark Cuban invested in during Season 5, we see how their wirelessly controlled LED lights have illuminated the business world.


PITCH: SmartPlate

SmartPlate is the only intelligent plate that instantly analyzes your entire meal with the highest degree of accuracy.  It's available for pre-order now at getsmartplate.com for just $119.

Learn More: Visit getsmartplate.com


PITCH: Bee Free Honee

Business information coming soon.


PITCH: Float Baby

Float Baby offers unique water exercise and massage for infants as young as 2 weeks old.  Float Babies often sleep better and eat more after a Float! It improves muscle tone, provides digestion and constipation relief, promotes familiarity with water and most importantly helps with early right/left brain development.

Learn More: Visit www.floatbabies.com


PITCH: MTailor

MTailor sells men's custom clothing by measuring you with your phone's camera. We are scientifically proven to be 20% more accurate than a professional tailor. MTailor is the first easy and accessible way to experience the luxury of custom clothing. At the same price as many mainstream off-the-rack clothiers (e.g., J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren) and with the convenience of an app, you can get clothing made to fit you perfectly, instead of clothes made to fit someone else.

Learn More: Visit www.mtailor.com

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