S7 E19 Episode 19

02/21/16 | TV-PG | CC

In this patriotic episode, entrepreneurs try to sell the Sharks on their made-in-America products.  Two business partners from Riverdale, UT believe they have created the perfect fire-starting solution—but can these two mountain men ignite a deal? A small-town couple from Webster Springs, WV built their successful family-owned restaurant from the ground up. Now, they want to sell their most popular item across the country. Can this regional treat achieve national success? Two fitness buffs from Fargo, ND are confident that their space-saving equipment will transform the way Americans work out at home, but it sports a hefty price tag. A mom turned entrepreneur from Alpine, UT has leveraged social media to launch her wildly successful baby clothing line. One shark even calls it one of the most profitable products "Shark Tank" has seen. In order to strike a deal, however, she must make a tough decision.


PITCH: Insta-Fire

Insta-Fire is USA manufacture of the safest and yet most powerful 1. Fire starter, 2. Charcoal briquette lighter, and 3. Emergency guel on the planet. Insta-Fire is a patented blend of all natural product such as volcanic rock, wood pellets & other inert materials. Insta-Fire starts fires quickly as it burns at nearly 1000 degrees and will dry out wet wood. With its water-repellent properties, ten-minute burn time, and thirty-year shelf life, Insta-Fire is sure to be your new favorite fire-starting tool. Use Insta-Fire to light campfires, prepare charcoal briquettes, or as a safe and reliable fuel source for cooking while camping or in emergencies. Insta-Fire will literally float and burn on water, once lit it will also withstand winds in excess of 30 MPH. Insta-Fire’s left over ash is a natural fertilizer—it nourishes the earth.  

Learn More: instafire.com


PITCH: Custard Stand

Dee and Angie Cowger of Custard Stand Food Products opened The Custard Stand restaurant in 1991 as a take-out dairy bar in Webster Springs, WV. The small rural community is now home to our family-owned USDA-approved plant that makes Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili and Custard Stand Chili Soup with Beef and Beans. There are six locations of The Custard Stand restaurants in West Virginia.

Learn More: Visit CustardStand.com


PITCH: PRxPerformance

We're PRx Performance and we provide the perfect solution to Lift Big in Small Spaces! Our patent-pending Profile® system has everything you need to build a complete gym in a compact space (industrial or home), with a rack that folds up to less than four inches from the wall! Every Profile® product we sell comes with an unconditional guarantee, has durable steel construction, and is made in the USA.

Learn More: Visit PRxPerformance.com


PITCH: Rags to Raches

Rags to Raches is a fashion forward clothing company for you and your little ones.  We specialize in comfortable and stylish rompers ranging from 3-6 months through 5/6T.  With our elastic necklines and no snaps, we have proven to be the easiest, most hassle-free piece of baby clothing out there.  Our soft fabrics and unique designs are just the perfect touch of style, comfort and convenience.  

Learn More: Visit RagsToRaches.com

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