S7 E21 Episode 21

03/11/16 | TV-PG | CC

Two men from Provo, UT debut a motion-activated LED light that attaches to the toilet bowl; two Madison, WI guys use the power of crowd sourcing to create an alternative to traditional beer; an introvert from Orem, UT showcases vibrant fashions with unusual flair; and two animal lovers from Cedarpines Park, CA look for a deal for their interactive pet toys.


PITCH: MobCraft

MobCraft is a crowdsourced craft brewery that turns your ideas into beer. Each month beer fans vote on user submitted ideas, the winning beer is brewed and can be shipped straight to your door!

Learn More: Visit mobcraftbeer.com


PITCH: Beloved Shirts

Beloved Shirts sells all-over print clothing that makes people lol, rofl, lmao and lmfao. The clothing is made in California by people who really know their way around a sewing machine.

Learn More: Visit https://www.belovedshirts.com


PITCH: IllumiBowl

IllumiBowl is a motion-activated toilet night light that fits on any toilet and illuminates the inner bowl when you walk into the bathroom at night so that you no longer have to turn on blinding midnight lights, stumble around in the dark, fall in the toilet, or aim in the dark and make a mess!

Learn More: Visit illumibowl.com


PITCH: Innovation Pet

Innovation Pet, Inc. is a US pet products company with a professional team that includes over 30 years of experience in the pet industry. We offer quality innovative products that meet the needs and solves problems for pets and their caring guardians.

Learn More: Visit www.innovationpet.com

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