S7 E22 Episode 22

03/18/16 | TV-PG | CC

A beer enthusiast duo from Pittsburgh, PA presents a new way of keeping beer chilled for a longer amount of time; an entrepreneur and a former aerospace engineer from New York City aim to reinvent the vending machine; and two animal lovers from Austin, TX pitch natural and organic bug repellents for pets.


PITCH: Wondercide

Wondercide makes non-toxic alternatives to synthetic pesticides that actually work - flea & tick control for pets, bug sprays for homes and lawns, and insect repellents to keep your family safe. Their pest control and full line of holistic pet care products are made with love in the USA.

Learn More: Visit http://www.wondercide.com/


PITCH: The Good Promise 

From Veggie Burst to Protein Fuel drinks, there’s a Good Promise option for everyone. Plus, at a price point that’s less than a bag of chips at the gas station, you can get a quality snack that fuels your brain and your body, leaving you feeling great.

Learn More: Visit thegoodpromise.com


PITCH: Vengo Labs

Vengo designs and manages mini high-tech vending machines. Vengo sets up shop in your favorite locations and gets you the products you need, instantly. 

Learn More: Visit VengoLabs.com


PITCH: The Beer Blizzard 

The Beer Blizzard is a reusable, plastic ice cube that is specifically designed to sit under any beer can on the market.  The Beer Blizzard discs help keep your beer can ice cold from the first sip to the last!  So say goodbye to warm beer forever!!!

Learn More: Visit www.BeerBlizzard.com

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