S7 E26 Episode 26

04/29/16 | TV-PG | CC

A developer from San Francisco, California, incites a battle between two of the billionaire Sharks, as they fight to invest in his early education software platform. A fashion blogger from Los Angeles, California, hopes to win over the Sharks with her fashion networking mobile app; a pair of entrepreneurs from New York introduces a convenient way for people to access umbrellas on a rainy day; and two business partners from Altadena, California, have designed a way for kids to enjoy eating healthier. Also, an update on Ryan Fant and Nayeem Hussain from New York and Keen Home, their line of home enhancement products that Robert Herjavec invested in during season six.

PITCH: FashionTap 

FashionTap helps people find and follow influencers who will inspire them to buy great fashion and beauty products. FashionTap is a fashion and beauty social network that lets members make money from sharing and tagging the brands and products they already know and love. Consumers, brands, and designers can now easily find fashion influencers according to the demographics and reach they want for their campaigns.

Learn More: http://fashiontap.com/ 


PITCH: Brightwheel

Brightwheel is the all-in-one platform for early education, serving as the hub for preschools, daycares, and families. Brightwheel saves administrators and teachers valuable time with easy tools for learning, communication, and online bill pay. Parents get a real-time view of their child’s day as it unfolds to stay connected and continue the learning at home. Schools and families across the globe have fallen in love brightwheel.

Learn More: www.mybrightwheel.com


PITCH: brellaBox

brellaBox is the first umbrella sharing service that makes it easier, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly for city dwellers, hotel guests, college students and more to use umbrellas. ‘brellaBox was co-founded by New York city residents, John O’Connor and Anusha Kambhampaty. Rather than continuing to purchase flimsy umbrellas from street vendors, John and Anusha decided to create ‘brellaBox as an eco-friendly alternative. Every year, we throw away enough umbrellas worldwide to build 25 Eiffel Towers! Broken umbrellas go directly into solid waste landfills, which are the biggest source of man made methane gas in the United States. At ‘brellaBox, we believe that stopping the warming of our planet begins with using resources, even umbrellas, in a more mindful way. When the sun comes out, put your umbrella into a ‘brellaBox rather than a trash can!

Learn More: www.brellaboxnyc.com


PITCH: My Fruity Faces

My Fruity Faces are deliciously flavored ALL-NATURAL EDIBLE stickers designed for application to your kids fruits and veggies to make them fun, exciting and engaging! They are a moisture sensitive product made of completely all natural edible ingredients and when placed on fruits or veggies they absorb moisture and dissolve into the food. There are various stickers of full faces, face-parts, and accessories that make fruit and vegetables fun for children of all ages.

Learn More: https://myfruityfaces.com/


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