S7 E06 Episode 6

10/30/15 | TV-PG | CC

Former Google executive and billionaire Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Chris Sacca, best known for being among the earliest and largest investors in companies such as Twitter, Uber, Instagram, and Kickstarter, joins the Tank as a Guest Shark. He finds himself in a heated battle with Lori Greiner over a tech education business that's right up his alley, started by two impressive sisters from Claremont, CA. Two sports fans from Chicago, IL have a specialized version of a popular home rental website; an entrepreneur from Bayside, NY has a unique twist on everyone’s favorite hot drink; and an inventor from Portland, OR has developed a revolutionary device that can inflate objects in mere seconds.


PITCH: Rent Like a Champion

About the Company: Founded by and for college football fans, Rent Like a Champion provides private home rentals near campus in college towns around the country. Returning to your alma mater is a special experience, and we believe sharing a home with your friends and family makes it all the more memorable. With Rent Like a Champion, you will find amenities that hotels cannot offer - private yards, large communal spaces for your group, and your own kitchen.

Learn More: Visit RentLikeAChampion.com


PITCH: HotShot

About the Company: HotShot is the first Grab-n-Go, Ready to Drink, HOT coffee in a CAN. The magic happens with our Hotbox – a Hot Fridge that heats Hotshot cans to 140°F and stores them Hot - 24 hours/7 days a week. You just open the HotBox, reach in and get a perfectly prepared, HOT coffee, that’s ready to drink when you are. Join the coffee revolution and become a Hotshot!

Learn More: Visit www.DrinkHotshot.com


PITCH: Windcatcher

About the Company: Windcatcher Technology designs and manufactures inflatable outdoor and travel gear products, which use our patented rapid inflation technology to allow them to inflate in seconds, without any power or pumping. Combined with its ability to also allow inflatables to deflate and pack-up in seconds, we believe that the Windcatcher valve will become the standard for all inflatable products.

Learn More: Visit www.windcatchergear.com


PITCH: Stem Center USA

About the Company: STEM Center USA was created by sisters Melissa and Lavanya Jawaharlal with a mission to inspire the next generation of technology and STEM leaders. We provide hands-on, engaging education through personalized courses, school programs, and unique products which include the Pi-Bot, The Technical Alphabet, and the Fiat Lux Wearable Electronics Kit.

Learn More: Visit www.STEMCenterUSA.com

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