S8 E11 Episode 11

12/09/16 | TV-PG | CC

Pitches include an entrepreneurial single mom who works with Santa Claus to ensure he personally replies to the letters he receives; an 83-year-old Ironman triathlon competitor from Malibu, California, and his millennial-aged business partner from Sandy, Utah, invent a more functional winter glove; and two men from Glendale Heights, Illinois, aim to make gift-giving more personalized.

PITCH: DigiWrap

DigiWrap is simultaneously the unicorn and black sheep of the packaging industry whose main focus is on bringing personalized gift giving to everyone by producing products that others can't or won't. Their tissue paper and gift bag products are breaking the mold to make packaging as unique as you!

Learn More: www.DigiWrap.com 

PITCH: Hand Out Gloves

We just want what every skier and snowboarder wants. The perfect glove. A glove that can keep your hands warm and dry all day yet still allow you to use your hand as, well, a hand. A glove that would somehow let your hand . . . out. What an idea.

And so Hand Out Gloves was born, combining durable, breathable, Waterproof gloves and mittens with strategically-placed waterproof zippers to allow you to quickly get your hands out to do whatever it is you want to do with them. Or just to leave open for ventilation when boot packing or in the backcountry. The perfect glove? They just might be.

Learn More: www.handoutgloves.com

PITCH: PolyGlide Synthetic Ice

Home Ice Supplies is a manufacturer of PolyGlide Synthetic Ice surfaces founded by Jim Loughran in 2012. PolyGlide offers the latest technology in alternative ice skating surfaces suitable for all types of skating events, facilities or home use.

Learn More: www.polyglidesyntheticice.com 

PITCH: Sealed By Santa

Santa Claus is a busy man, which is why it's so rare to receive a letter from the man in red. Fortunately, the North Pole now boasts a high-speed internet connection. Through SealedbySanta.com, parents can arrange for their kids to receive not only a personalized letter from St. Nick, but also a video greeting, phone call and certified proof that they made the Nice List. There's even a deluxe Santa Evidence kit to serve as proof of the special visitor, including magical snow with big, jolly bootprints, the official Nice List map, and Santa's sleigh license.

Learn More: www.sealedbysanta.com

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